Access 2013 Module C (3)

Duration: 1 Day

Course Code: ACCMODC

Course Aims:

This course provides attendees with the knowledge required to carry out more complex design and maintenance tasks and build an automated database application.

Course Pre-requisites:

This course is open to anyone seeking to create an effective database with an intuitive and user-friendly customised interface. Significant knowledge of designing and creating database objects (tables, queries, forms and reports) is required together with notions about how to apply the learning to a real-life database application.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of a database by transferring data from other sources and employing maintenance tools;
  • Automate tasks and functionality using macros; and
  • Produce a customised interface to facilitate using the database.

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Database Design

  • Importing data tables into an Access database
  • Linking data tables into an Access database
  • Database tools and utilities

Special Queries

  • Action queries
  • Find duplicates query
  • Find unmatched query
  • Crosstab query

Creating Macros

  • Using the Macro Builder
  • Macro actions and arguments
  • Running macros

Using Macros

  • Assigning macros to form event properties
  • Creating conditional macros
  • Using sub macros

Creating and Using a switchboard

Customising start up options for enabling switchboard use

Action planning

Review of Programme

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