Aspiring Academic Heads of Departments

Company Name:  A Prestigious Local School

Training: Management Skills

Process/Background – WWP has worked with this prestigious organisation for 16 years supporting the learning and development of employees in both the academic and support departments.

The Programme/Objectives –  In 2014 the school commenced a talent management exercise and looked at its succession plan for future leaders.  It identified the individuals making up the talent pool and researched what support these individuals would need to drive their careers towards the next step.   WWP delivered a series of programmes in 2015 which were very well received.  In 2016, the organisation worked with the talent pool to identify the next stage of development for this cohort and, in partnership, with WWP we designed a programme targeting Aspiring Academic Heads of Departments.

Solution –  The programme was developed to cover some of the key skills required to be a successful Academic Head of Department.  The initial focus was on creating impactful presentations where each participant was given tools to motivate and inspire their audience.  The delegates then used these techniques to design and deliver a presentation on which they received individual feedback and tips to improve their future delivery.
The next learning area was to give them the skills to successfully recruit to their teams and conduct fair and objective interviews.  The delegates learned about the legal frameworks governing fair and effective recruitment and developed the skills to conduct behaviour based interviews which ensured they gained evidence of competence in order to find the right person for the job.
The next area of development was Chairing meetings.  During this session, participants explored the roles and responsibilities of a chair person and developed techniques for controlling challenging situations.
The programme ended with a group discussion which enabled participants to share personal experiences.

Result –  The participants all found the events very valuable and enjoyable and it has supported the school’s aim to develop and retain its talent.