Please allow me to briefly introduce myself, my name is Dave Green and I am the joint Managing Director at Lightning Fire Ltd (LFL).

I am the main contact for Key Skills Training and am also Danielle’s mentor at LFL.

I initially had telephone conversations with Laurie as we discussed the overall apprenticeship scheme and how it works prior to meeting her when she visited our offices. Laurie was friendly, helpful and informative over the ‘phone and has continued to be so on a face to face basis.

Laurie has explained how the process works commencing with the induction period and then the various and subsequent “MOT procedure” which the NVQ process entails and involves. Laurie has also ascertained from me our thoughts and ideas for Danielle’s development and learning on her most recent visit to the company. During this visit Laurie carefully and comprehensively outlined the review procedures, she recorded part of our conversations and discussions, she asked what training needs that she could help with and she emphasised the importance of Danielle completing her work on time, this was to be 2-3 days before the next visit.
Laurie also made sure that Danielle knows that she can call upon her for support and guidance whenever necessary in terms of any set assessments as well as on a more general basis.

Laurie outlined the program of visits, she helped us all understand that we are all here to help Danielle achieve and be successful and I understand that I can ask Laurie for any additional training in any specific areas that Danielle may need as the program moves forward.

Laurie asked what the company were going to do to support Danielle and I advised that we have committed to formulate an internal plan where she gets direct exposure to all facets of the business. On this point Danielle and myself have since agreed that we will initially give her a basic introduction into the various areas of a business as stage one of the plan before going into more detail about each area in stage two. (I have yet to advise Laurie of this decision).

To date I have found Laurie to be personable, knowledgeable and very helpful. I believe that she genuinely cares about Danielle and that she is committed to helping her make a success of her apprenticeship opportunities with LFL.
As a last point I would say that Laurie was genuinely very pleased to hear me unequivocally state that we want Danielle to build a career at LFL and that we will do all we can to help her during the apprenticeship stage and then beyond as she progresses within the business.

I trust that the above is sufficient for your needs but if further information and or clarification is required then please do contact me at your earliest convenience.

I can be contacted on any of the following:
02392 268999
07502 292721

Kind Regards,

Dave Green
Managing Director
Lightning Fire Safety Systems Ltd