Course Code: CONSELL

Duration: 1 Day

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Course Aims:

This programme provides a strategic approach to conducting the sales process which concentrates on building stronger relationships with customers and delivering accurate solutions based on need.
The aim of this course is to show how to build trust and credibility which are the essential components of the consultative sales methodology.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
▪ Understand the different stages of sales and decision making
▪ Know the key elements of the consultative sales approach
▪ Fully understand the client’s needs and challenges, how their business operates
▪ Learn how to plan your success
▪ Deliver value propositions based on clients’ business drivers and needs

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Consultative Selling
▪ Defining consultative selling
▪ Moving away from Master/Servant
▪ Building real relationships
▪ The different stages of the sales and decision making cycle

A Great Sales Operator
▪ Mind-set – drive and determination
▪ Skill-set – professionalism, knowledge
▪ Responsibilities

Building Relationships
▪ The importance of influencing
▪ How to uncover the real need
▪ Advanced questioning skills
▪ WASP and NITFA models to structure your consultation
▪ Building relationships with your clients

Account Development Planning
▪ Prospecting opportunities
▪ Planning your time
▪ Customer potential analysis and scoring
▪ Territory planning and research techniques, identify key decision makers

Understanding Buyer-types and follow-up
▪ Understanding behavioural styles and personality types
▪ Finding your preferred behavioural style
▪ Selling to different personality types

Action planning

Review of Programme