Coping with Pressure

Duration: 1 Day

Course Code: COPING

Course Aims:
In today’s economic climate and work environment, the pressures on individuals are extremely high. There is a possibility of this pressure moving past the desirable threshold into stress. This can be avoided if people have the necessary knowledge and skills to manage pressure. Managing pressure well will lead to a happier, more productive and better performing workforce.
We all experience stress in the challenges of work and the daily routine of our lives, but it needn’t get to the point where it makes us ill. We can enhance our ability to handle stress and even turn it into a positive by developing an understanding of how it works and how we can work effectively with it.

Course Pre-requisites:
This programme is for you if you want to gain control over your work situation to ensure the pressure levels are stimulating and not stressful. We will provide you with the tools and approaches that will help increase your resilience.

Course Objectives:
On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
• Recognise stress in yourself and others
• Understand the main causes of stress in yourself and others
• Understand the impact stress has on you and those around you
• Examine your positive influences in life
• Understand the importance of a positive mental attitude
• Learn de-stressing techniques
• Develop a positive, attitude
• Form a plan of action to achieve what you want

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

What is stress?
• Understand and recognise the signs
• Identify what impact stress can have on you
• Understand how stress can impact on your life
• Recognise your own causes and triggers
• Understand the stress curve and zones

Finding the source of stress
• Identify the main sources of stress

Understanding Pressure
• What is pressure?
• Recognising extents of desirable pressure
• Need for managing pressure

Preventing Stress
• Recognising symptoms of stress
• Preventing stress
• Managing stress
• The fight or flight response

De-stress strategies
• Three levels of dealing with stress
• Looking at ways of reducing stress
• Remedies to maintain low stress levels
• Developing a personal stress management plan

PMA – Positive Mental Attitude
• Positive verbal skills
• Positive thinking skills
• Dealing with our expectations
• Facing the unknown with freedom

Adding zest
• Zest – enthusiasm, piquancy, relish
• What are we willing to do for ourselves?
• Dealing with difficult situations with enthusiasm

Motivational skills
• Self-motivation, setting challenging and inspiring
goals for success
• Setting actions to achieve your goals

Analysis of your behaviour
• Behaviour – getting it in perspective
• The importance of integrity and congruence

Action Plan

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