Excel 2013 Level 1

Duration: 1 day

Course Code: XL13L1

Course Aims:

This Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 1 course is aimed at people who want to learn how to use Microsoft Excel to carry out basic spreadsheet tasks including the creation of simple formulas and functions. The course is suitable for either beginners or people with limited experience of the product.

Course Pre-requisites:

No previous knowledge of Excel is required. Students must have experience, however, of using the Windows environment to launch programs and access files.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Use formulas for basic calculations
  • Copy and move data
  • Insert columns and rows
  • Format numbers, text and dates
  • Format cells
  • Preview and print worksheets
  • Use Page Setup to edit page margins, headers and footers
  • Apply automatic formatting

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Workbook Skills

  • Selecting cells, entering & editing data
  • Using data entry shortcuts (AutoComplete, Pickfrom List)
  • The ‘Mini Toolbar’ and ‘Shortcut Menus’
  • Saving and closing a new workbook
  • Version compatibility issues
  • Creating a new workbook
  • Opening an existing workbook
  • Renaming an existing workbook

Working with Ranges

  • Selecting adjacent & non-adjacent ranges
  • Entering values into a range (text, numbers, dates)
  • Using the AutoFill feature

Previewing Worksheets

  • Using Print Preview, Page Layout View
  • Viewing & hiding gridlines, headings and the formula bar
  • Adding & removing page breaks


  • Printing multiple copies

Working with Columns & Rows

  • Inserting, deleting & adjusting
  • Hiding & unhiding rows & columns

Creating Simple Formulas

  • Entering and editing simple mathematical formulas
  • Using range borders to modify formulas
  • Order of calculation
  • Relative references versus absolute references
  • Entering basic, built-in Excel functions
  • The AutoSum command
  • The Function Library
  • Using the AutoCalculate feature

Formatting Cells

  • Changing cell alignment
  • Merging cells & changing text indent
  • Rotating, wrapping & shrinking text in a cell
  • Creating cell borders
  • Using fills
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Inserting & deleting cells
  • Clearing formatting
  • Printing pages or a selection

Using Page Setup

  • Page orientation
  • Scaling a worksheet
  • Editing margins
  • Centring on page
  • Headers & footers
  • Repeating row & columns labels
  • Setting & removing a print area
  • Using Page Break Preview to adjust pages and layout

Formatting Numbers & Text

  • Applying number styles & controlling decimal places
  • Character formatting

Copying & Moving Data

  • Copying/cutting & pasting data
  • Using Paste Options
  • Using the Paste List
  • Using the Clipboard
  • Drag & Drop editing
  • Using Undo & Redo

Using Automatic Formatting

  • Cell styles
  • Themes

Sharing Data

  • Connecting and saving to SkyDrive
  • Sending a workbook as an email attachment
  • Creating PDF/XPS files

Appendix (if time)

  • Creating a simple chart
  • Moving and sizing a chart
  • Editing chart data
  • Changing chart type
  • Selecting a ‘Recommended Chart’

Action planning
Review of Programme

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