ICT Apprenticeship

What can you do with an ICT Apprenticeship?

Research shows the average tech salary in the UK is £62,500. When you compare this to the general average of £31,461, it makes a career in information technology seem quite appealing. It is an area where there are huge opportunities and many career paths to consider. This is why an ICT apprenticeship is a great choice for school leavers and career changers. All companies require IT experts and training in this field helps ensure your skillset remains in demand throughout you career.

IT, Computing and the Digital Sector

No company in the UK can function without an effective IT department. The UK tech sector is growing considerably faster than the rest of the economy so finding your niche within this sector is an amazing opportunity. The far-reaching nature of technology means an ICT apprenticeship could lead you to careers in cybersecurity, app development or even digital forensics.

Apprenticeships in this field are a chance to gain experience and industry-relevant qualifications that employers are seeking. Apprenticeships give you the work experience employers are looking for and allow you the chance to grow within an organisation, whether they become your employer at the end or not. Finding an apprenticeship programme can be your first step in a successful IT career.

The Benefits of an ICT Apprenticeship

Choosing an apprenticeship allows you to get stuck into the world of work whilst also developing your education and vocational skills. Choosing an apprenticeship over alternative training programmes or education also has the following benefits:

Earn while you learn
Apprentices are employees and are therefore paid throughout their training programme. Your employer will pay your wage when you work and also when you attend training sessions. Apprenticeship programmes require learners to spend 20% of their time training and studying to ensure they meet the requirements of the qualification.

No debt
At least, you’ll accrue no student debt. Apprenticeships are fully funded from government contributions and your employer. You will not build up any tuition fees or need to take out a student loan.

Real, valued qualifications
At the end of your apprenticeship, you have a real qualification that employers both value and look for in candidates. The level of your apprenticeship will equate to a traditional qualification. For example, the Information Communications Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship is equivalent to A Level qualifications.

Careers possible with an ICT Apprenticeship

Careers in IT can go in any direction to suit your career aspirations. Roles include anything from cloud and communications technicians to maintenance support, network management and data centre support roles. An ICT apprenticeship is valuable in all industries, as companies require tech support whether they are a small local shop or internationally renowned brand. You can set your sights wherever you wish with an ICT apprenticeship.

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