Influence and Persuasion

Duration: 1 Day

Course Code: INFLUEN

Course Aims:

The ability to influence and inspire others is a key requirement for many people. It takes confidence, self-belief and excellent communication skills. This programme explodes the myth that people are ‘born influencers’ and reveals how, by changing your mind-set and applying specific skills, you can find your own inner power to influence.

Course Pre-requisites:

This programme is for you if you need to gain willing co-operation from others, without jeopardising relationships and without resorting to manipulation. This programme will help you with strategies, tactics, tools and techniques to influence others and gain commitment, irrespective of your level of authority.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Build confidence in dealing with others
  • Get full commitment and ‘buy in’
  • Put forward new ideas more effectively
  • Communicate more assertively without resorting to manipulation
  • Understand others’ resistance and reasons behind it
  • Develop genuine confidence based on strong self-esteem
  • Influence others effectively at all levels

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

What is Influence?

  • Defining terms – influence, persuasion, manipulation
  • How our intention dictates whether we are influencing or manipulating
  • From ‘push’ to ‘pull’ – bringing people with us

Preparing to Influence

  • Developing confidence
  • The skills and qualities of an effective influencer
  • Clarity of what we want and setting appropriate goals

Understanding and Persuading Others

  • Identifying our own style of communication
  • Working with others in their style
  • Recognising potential conflicts in style and responding appropriately

The Interpersonal Skills

  • Multi-level questioning to identify the other party’s values and needs
  • Active listening skills
  • Reframing and summarising as a means of building influence

Using Assertive Behaviour

  • What is assertiveness? Understanding behavioural styles
  • Techniques of assertion
  • Using assertive behaviour to influence others

Dealing with Resistance and ‘Difficult’ People

  • Putting ‘difficult’ behaviour into perspective
  • Gaining understanding through active listening skills
  • Commitment through the “pull” approach

Action planning
Review of Programme

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