Introduction to Selling

Course Code: INTROSEL

Duration: 1 Day

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Course Aims:

Your sales team are the face of your business. Out in the field they are responsible for maintaining relationships and creating new business. Are you 100% sure they are the best that they can be?

Course Pre-requisites:

This programme is for you if
▪ You are an external sales person / account manager who is new to selling or has not had any formal sales training
▪ You need to refresh / learn the skills to make your own sales appointments
▪ You would like to know how to structure and manage a sales meeting with your customers
▪ You would benefit from new ideas, approaches, tips and techniques

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
▪ Confidently make your own sales appointments
▪ Prepare for, structure and control a sales meeting
▪ Gain confidence to sell with enthusiasm and integrity
▪ Deal effectively with customer concerns (objections)
▪ Recognise buying signals and know how and when to ask for the business

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

▪ Your style and its impact on others
▪ Understanding customer buying motives
▪ Self-preparation – developing confidence
▪ Recognising potential sales opportunities

Making Sales Appointments
▪ The 5 step sales call
▪ Getting past the gatekeeper
▪ Making your value proposition
▪ Gaining commitment to the meeting

The Sales Meeting
▪ Making the right first impression – setting the scene
▪ Getting ‘buy in’ to the meeting objectives
▪ Finding and understanding customer needs
▪ Identifying and presenting relevant solutions
▪ Using testimonials and case studies
▪ Asking for referrals

Handling Objections
▪ Understanding and recognising them
▪ Objections or concerns? The distinction
▪ Turning them to your advantage

Gaining Commitment
▪ Recognising the buying signals
▪ Asking for the business – a simple three step approach

Practice Session

Action planning

Review of Programme