Levy in Schools


The apprenticeship levy will impact most schools!

  • Grant Maintained schools – will pay the Levy as they are part of the Local Authority payroll; which will be more than £3M per annum.
  • Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) – will pay the Levy if the combined payroll of the MAT is over £3M per annum (even if separate payroll references and systems are used).
  • The only schools who will not pay the Levy are small schools; either independent or single Academies, whose payroll is below £3M per annum.

What apprenticeship can schools deliver?

There are a range of Apprenticeships that are suitable for delivery in schools, either to newly recruited staff or existing staff who need new skills. These include: –

Supporting Teaching and Learning
Business Administration
Customer Services
Team Leading
Facilities Management
Activity Leadership

Accessing the Levy?

Each Local Authority or MAT will have a person with access to the Digital Apprenticeship System, where the Levy funds are available. Schools will need to contact this person to access their part of the Levy fund. It is quite likely that, particularly in Local Authority schools, you may be able to access more of the Levy fund than your school has contributed. Contacting the Levy Account Holder

Future of apprenticeships

There is a schools Trailblazer group currently revising the apprenticeship qualifications for schools. A new Standard in Supporting Teaching and Learning should be available in by the end of 2017; and there is then discussions on the introduction of further apprenticeships to provide a pathway to qualified teacher status.

2.3% Target

For Grant Maintained schools there is also a public-sector target of 2.3% of all staff are required to be apprentices. This will apply across all of the Local Authority, and schools are often one of the largest contributors of staff numbers.

For more information about how Key Training can support your school go to our specialist Schools Division at www.keyschoolsacademy.co.uk