Mentoring in the Workplace

Course Code: MENTWORK

Duration: 2 Days

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Course Aims:

A confidential helper and guide.

Mentoring is confidential, personalised support from an experienced and trustworthy adviser, guide, or tutor, especially for methodical self-development. Usually, a mentor is someone outside your organisation, unit or team and chosen by you. There is a general acceptance that most people achieve better levels of professional success if they have the guidance and help of a mentor; someone with whom they can discuss their career plans, evaluate options and achievements, and work through issues.

Course Pre-requisites:

This programme is for you if you are responsible for mentoring others to develop and improve their performance. You will learn a range of skills such as how to offer insight and expertise, provide feedback, monitor progress, and lend supportive follow-up.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
▪ Understand the role of the mentor
▪ Choose the appropriate method of mentoring
▪ Mentor others, enabling them to achieve their potential
▪ Enable others to take ownership of their own development

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Why Mentor?
▪ The benefits of mentoring
The Role
▪ What is a mentor?
▪ Mentoring styles
▪ The Relationship agreement
▪ SWOT analysis

The Skills
▪ Relationship building
▪ Active listening
▪ Effective listening
▪ Giving and receiving feedback

▪ Kolb’s cycle
▪ Grow model
▪ Giving information – feelings, proposals, builds
▪ Seeking information – feelings, effects, proposals
▪ Establishing clear objectives

Action planning

Review of Programme