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Microsoft Outlook 2013: Level 1

Course Code: OU13L1

Duration: 1 Day

Course Aims:

This course is designed for any person who needs to obtain a good understanding of the main features and functionality of Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Course Pre-requisites:
You should also be able work in a Windows environment and know how to select icons and menus to invoke program commands and specify options and settings in dialog boxes.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
▪ Identify the main components of the Outlook environment.
▪ Compose, send, reply and forward messages.
▪ Work with attachments in messages.
▪ Add signatures to messages.
▪ Use automatic replies.
▪ Manage and view messages.
▪ Manage contacts.
▪ Schedule appointments.
▪ Schedule meetings.
▪ Create and edit tasks.

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Exploring Outlook
▪ The Outlook 2013 interface
▪ The Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
▪ The Folder Pane, Reading Pane, People Pane and To-Do Bar
▪ Changing folder views

Basic Outlook Messaging
▪ Starting a message
▪ Using the address book
▪ Typing message text
▪ Changing the message format
▪ Sending a message
▪ Reading a message
▪ Viewing sent messages
▪ Responding to Messages
▪ Replying to and forwarding a message
▪ Printing a message
▪ Deleting a message

Managing Messages
▪ Flagging a message
▪ Sorting messages
▪ Creating and managing mail folders
▪ Moving messages between folders
▪ Using Favorites
▪ Using Automatic Replies (Out of Office Assistant)

Appendix – Working with Notes (if time)
▪ Creating and amending notes
▪ Viewing, printing and deleting notes

Additional Message Components
▪ Creating and using signatures
▪ Creating and using ‘Quick Parts’
▪ Inserting an attachment in a message
▪ Opening and saving attachments
▪ Previewing file attachments
▪ Inserting hyperlinks in messages

Scheduling with the Calendar
▪ Exploring the Outlook calendar
▪ Scheduling an appointment
▪ Scheduling an event
▪ Scheduling a recurring appointment or event
▪ Editing calendar items
▪ Printing and deleting calendar items
▪ Managing Meetings
▪ Scheduling a meeting
▪ Responding to a meeting request
▪ Managing meetings and invitees
▪ Creating calendar groups

Working with Contacts
▪ Adding a contact
▪ Viewing contacts
▪ Editing contacts
▪ Printing and deleting contacts

Working with Tasks
▪ Adding and amending tasks
▪ Marking a task as complete
▪ Viewing tasks
▪ Printing and deleting tasks

Action planning

Review of Programme

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