Microsoft Power BI Reporting

Course Code: XLPOWERBI

Duration: 1 Day

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Course Aims:

On completion of this course, you will have learnt to use Power BI (Business Intelligence) Desktop to create highly visual reports and dashboards that can easily be shared with others. You will also understand how the reports and dashboards can interact with each other and the great level of interactivity the audience can use to drill, filter, and sort the reports.

Course Pre-requisites:

An intermediate level of Excel is desirable.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
▪ Understand basic Power BI desktop concepts and features
▪ Connect to data with Power BI desktop
▪ Be able to perform simple calculations
▪ Explore Power BI standard visuals

Course Content:

Power BI Desktop Basic
▪ What is Power Bi Desktop
▪ Introducing the Power BI Ecosystem
▪ Getting started with Power BI Desktop

Digital Storytelling
▪ Purpose of creating dashboard/reports
▪ Planning Reports & Dashboards
▪ Structure Reports & Dashboards
▪ Simple Data connections
▪ Connect to Excel data (single table)
▪ Connect to a data model created in Power Bi Desktop

Simple Calculations
▪ Sum
▪ Average
▪ Divide
▪ Multiply

Power BI Standard Visuals
▪ Chart
▪ Table
▪ Matrix
▪ Treemap
▪ Funnel
▪ Map
▪ Gauge
▪ Card
▪ Multi Row Card
▪ Slicer

Custom Visuals
▪ Import and use custom visuals
▪ Visuals interactions
▪ How to use Images, Shapes, and Textboxes on pages

Buttons and Bookmarks
▪ Add navigation to report
▪ Add interactivity to reports using buttons

Drill/Filter & Sort
▪ Page level filters
▪ Report level filter
▪ Drill through levels in visuals ▪ Sort data in visuals
▪ Sort by column

Tooltip Page
▪ Control Tooltips
▪ Create Tooltip pages
▪ Set interaction between visuals and tooltip pages

Layout and Formatting
▪ Format visuals
▪ Format pages
▪ Work with themes
▪ Snap Object to Grid
▪ Use gridlines
▪ Lock Objects
▪ Selection Pane
▪ Conditional Colour formatting
▪ Basic Publishing