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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Level 2

Course Code: PO13L2

Duration: 1 Day

Course Aims:

This PowerPoint 2013 Level 2 course is aimed at people who want to expand their general knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and to include special slide show effects, multimedia and automation.

Course Pre-requisites:

Students who wish to attend this PowerPoint course must have a basic knowledge of PowerPoint and feel comfortable with creating and saving a presentation, adding chart slides and inserting pictures or graphics.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
▪ Apply background colour schemes and create a template
▪ Add special effects with animation and transition
▪ Create custom animation and a custom show
▪ Use hyperlinks within a PowerPoint slide
▪ Present to a wider audience using the Pack and Go Wizard and the Viewer
▪ Import and export data from other applications
▪ Customise graphs and SmartArt graphics



Introduction and Objectives

Using the Outline Tab
▪ Creating a Bulleted List
▪ Collapsing & Expanding Slides
▪ Demoting, Promoting & Moving Text
▪ Grouping Slides into ‘Sections’

Editing Multiple Presentations
▪ Viewing Multiple Presentations
▪ Copying Text & Slides Between Presentations
▪ Copying Slides with Drag & Drop

Using Tables
▪ Creating a PowerPoint Table
▪ Inserting & Editing a Word Table
▪ Using Table Styles
▪ Linking a Word Table

Customizing Presentations
▪ Customizing Theme Colours, Fonts and Effects
▪ Saving & Deleting a Custom Theme
▪ Creating a Presentation Template

Adding Special Effects
▪ Animating Text & Objects
▪ Animation Painter
▪ Setting Animation Timings
▪ Animating a Chart
▪ Dynamic Slide Transition

Exporting Presentations & Slides
▪ Exporting Presentation Notes, Handouts and
Outline to Word
▪ Saving Slides as Graphic Files
▪ Saving as PDF
▪ Saving a Presentation as a Video or Packaging to CD

Inserting Sounds & Video
▪ Embed and Edit Video and Audio
▪ Editing Video and Audio
▪ Changing Multimedia Settings

Setting Up the Slide Show
▪ Setting Automatic Slide Timings
▪ Setting Up a Continuous Loop
▪ Rehearsing Slide Transition Timings
▪ Presenter View

Collaborating On a Presentation
▪ Comparing Presentations
▪ Adding Comments to Slides
▪ Replying to Comments
▪ Sharing your Presentation on the Web

Editing & Importing Charts
▪ Custom Chart Formatting
▪ Adding ‘Elements’ to a Chart
▪ Editing Chart Elements
▪ Creating a Chart Template
▪ Importing an Excel Chart

Using Organization Charts/Diagrams
▪ Inserting a SmartArt Diagram
▪ Adding Text & Positions to Shapes
▪ Formatting Shapes

Action planning

Review of Programme

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