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PowerPoint 2019/365 Level 1

Course Code: PO19L1

Duration: 1 Day

Course Aims:

This PowerPoint 2019/365 Level 1 course is aimed at people who want to learn how to use Microsoft
PowerPoint to create slides in order to run effective and interesting presentations. This PowerPoint course is suitable for either beginners or people with limited experience of the product.

Course Pre-requisites:

No previous knowledge of PowerPoint is required. Students must have experience, however, of using the
Windows environment to launch programs and access files.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
▪ Understand the concepts of a presentation package
▪ Develop simple PowerPoint presentations
▪ Create, enhance, and print presentation slides
▪ Insert pictures in a PowerPoint presentations
▪ Insert and format shapes
▪ Create simple charts
▪ Use and edit Themes to give a standard style and design to presentations
▪ Working in different views

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Exploring PowerPoint
▪ Starting PowerPoint
▪ Using the Ribbon
▪ Choosing Commands
▪ Using the Quick Access Toolbar
▪ Accessing Dialog Box Launchers
▪ Welcome back message
▪ Exiting PowerPoint

Using Basic Presentation Skills
▪ Entering Text into a Presentation
▪ Adding Slides to a Presentation
▪ Changing Slide Layouts
▪ Saving, Closing & Opening a New Presentation
▪ Renaming an Existing Presentation
▪ Using an existing template

Working with Presentations
▪ Viewing and Navigating Slides
▪ Changing the Magnification
▪ Selecting Text
▪ Formatting Text
▪ Using the Mini Toolbar
▪ Using text highlighter
▪ Using the Format Painter
▪ Using eye dropper
▪ Changing the Text Alignment
▪ Using the AutoFit Options Smart Tag
▪ Formatting Bullets and Numbers
▪ Adding & Removing Bullets & Numbers
▪ Adjusting Levels in a Bulleted List
▪ Adjusting Spacing in a Bulleted List

Working with Drawing Objects
▪ Drawing Shapes
▪ Displaying the Ruler, Grid and Guides
▪ Manipulating Shapes
▪ Formatting Shapes
▪ Merging Shapes

Creating Charts in a Presentation
▪ Working with Simple Charts
▪ Editing Chart Data
▪ Changing Chart Type
▪ Formatting a Chart

Editing and Proofing Text
▪ Deleting Slide Items
▪ Moving/Copying Text between Slides
▪ Using Undo and Redo
▪ Finding and Replacing Text
▪ Check Spelling as you Type
▪ Correcting Spelling & Text Errors
▪ Creating an AutoCorrect Entry

▪ Printing Presentations
▪ Selecting Page Setup Options
▪ Previewing a Presentation
▪ Printing Slides, Outlines, Speaker Notes &
▪ Creating Headers and Footers

▪ Working with Design Themes
▪ Customising Design Themes
▪ Applying Different Backgrounds
▪ Saving and Applying a Custom Theme

Using Graphic Images
▪ Inserting Pictures
▪ Using Online Pictures
▪ Cropping a Picture
▪ Moving a Picture
▪ Resizing a Picture
▪ Formatting a Picture

Using Views
▪ Managing Slides in Slide Sorter View
▪ Adding Speaker Notes to a Presentation
▪ Starting a Slide Show
▪ Navigating a Slide Show
▪ Using the Pen to Annotate a Slide Show
▪ Changing the Pen Colour
▪ Zooming

▪ Using the search facility

Action planning

Review of Programme


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