Course Code: PROJ13L1

Duration: 1 Day

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Course Aims:

This course covers how to use Microsoft Project for setting up the tasks and resources needed to produce an effective project plan. It provides an appreciation of concepts and terminology used in project management and introduces the attendees to tools and techniques for analysing project data and producing hard copy.

Course Pre-requisites:

Knowledge and experience of using Windows-based applications is essential (eg. opening, saving and closing files, and proficiency at using a mouse/keyboard). No specific knowledge of Microsoft Project is necessary but some background knowledge of project management is beneficial.

This course is suitable for both new users and for those who have already had some exposure to the application and who now need to get the best out of the tool.

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Starting a Project
▪ Setting a project start date
▪ Working with project’s working calendar(s)
▪ Adding project properties
▪ Understanding and specifying the task mode (manually scheduled or auto-scheduled)
▪ Saving a project

Entering, Editing and Linking Tasks
▪ Adding manually scheduled tasks
▪ Adding auto-scheduled tasks
▪ Entering durations for tasks
▪ Adding milestone tasks
▪ Creating relationships (dependencies) between tasks
▪ Inserting and deleting tasks
▪ Reordering tasks
▪ Modifying tasks relationships
▪ Link types
▪ Introducing lead and lag time into a relationship

Additional Task Scheduling Techniques
▪ Splitting a task
▪ Adding date constrains to auto-scheduled tasks
▪ Adding a deadline to tasks
▪ Creating Summary Tasks (outlining the project)
▪ Adding outline numbers and a project summary task
▪ Adding notes to tasks

Resourcing the Project Plan
▪ Adding resource information to the project plan
▪ Adjusting non-working days for resources (resource calendars)
▪ Assigning resources to tasks
▪ Modifying resources

Additional Resourcing Techniques
▪ Understanding and viewing ‘work’
▪ Managing resources using the Team Planner
▪ Resource over-allocations
▪ Identifying and dealing with resource over-allocations

Analysing Tasks
▪ Filtering, sorting and grouping data
▪ Formatting the Gantt Chart
▪ Identifying the ‘critical path’ of a project
▪ Setting up and printing a project plan

Action planning

Review of Programme