Course Code: PROJ19L2

Duration: 1 Day

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Course Aims:

This course covers how to work with a project plan once it has entered the implementation stage by working with baselines, entering actuals and monitoring variances. The course also covers working with different views, customising the project database and consolidating projects together with sharing resources between projects.

Course Pre-requisites:

This course is most suitable for users who have attended the Microsoft Project 2019/365 Level 1 course and now wish to extend their knowledge and experience into more specialist areas of Microsoft Project. Benefit will also be gained by those with who have significant experience in working with Microsoft Project and are familiar and competent at producing project plans which involve creating, linking and managing tasks, using and understanding resource allocations, and working with analysis tools.

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Implementing a Project
▪ Saving the ‘baseline’
▪ Entering ‘actuals’ data
▪ Comparing the actual and planned progress of a project
▪ Updating the project schedule

Additional project tracking topics
▪ Revising the baseline
▪ Adding new tasks to an existing baseline

Working with Project Costs
▪ Entering resource cost information
▪ Using Cost Resources
▪ Entering fixed costs for tasks
▪ Viewing costs
▪ Adjusting cost data

Using the Timeline View
▪ Adding tasks to the Timeline
▪ Modifying how task are displayed on the
▪ Printing and sharing the Timeline

Customising the Project Database
▪ Editing existing tables
▪ Creating/saving new tables
▪ Creating/saving new filters and groupings
▪ Customising project fields
▪ Creating a calculated field
▪ Creating a lookup field
▪ Displaying values as graphical indicators
▪ Using the ‘Organiser’ to copy customised items
between projects
▪ Utilising the ‘Global

Working with Reports
▪ Types of reports
▪ Displaying and printing reports
▪ Creating a custom report

Multiple Project Plans
▪ Consolidating projects
▪ Linking tasks across projects of a consolidated
▪ Creating a resource pool
▪ Connecting projects to a resource pool
▪ Managing the resource pool

Action planning

Review of Programme