Microsoft Teams

Course Code: MSTEAMS

Duration: ½ Day

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Course Aims:

On completion of this course you will have a thorough understanding of the functionality available in Teams. You will create Teams and become a Team member, add channels and follow conversations within Teams as well as post and manage items.

Course Pre-requisites:

You do not need any previous experience of Teams but must have a basic understanding of Office 365 and using a PC including familiarity with a keyboard and mouse.

Course Objectives:
▪ Create and join a Team
▪ Add and manage channels
▪ Post, edit and reply to updates
▪ Add and work with Team files
▪ Create and attend Team meetings
▪ Work with Team tabs

Course Content:

Introduction to Teams
▪ What is Teams?
▪ Teams and Channels
▪ Public versus Private teams
▪ Access Teams through your browser and understanding the interface
▪ Download the Teams

Desktop app
▪ Using and navigating around the Teams Mobile App

Manage Teams
▪ Create, delete and join Public and Private Teams
▪ Change Team settings and add a picture
▪ Add Members/Owners
▪ Member/Guest Permissions
▪ Profile Management
▪ Set a Team as a favourite
▪ Grant external access

Work with Team Channels
▪ Create and manage a Channel
▪ Channel link and connectors
▪ Favourites/Follow
▪ Email to Channel
▪ Add and manage tabs

Conversations and Chats
▪ Conversation versus Chat
▪ Start a conversation
▪ Conversation threads
▪ Tag a Person, Channel, Team
▪ Like or save a message and mark as unread
▪ Status indicators
▪ and Group Private chat
▪ Add people to a Chat
▪ Formatting and Emojis, GIF’s and Stickers
▪ @mention
▪ Converting Chats and conversations to meetings

▪ Find Chats, Files, People
▪ Activity feed
▪ Search

Share Files
▪ Where to upload Files
▪ Share files
▪ Real time collaboration

Apps and Tab
▪ Display file shortcuts as tabs
▪ Create and display a

Microsoft Plan
▪ Add social feeds to a channel
▪ Link to SharePoint Online sites or libraries
▪ Other apps available

Team Communications
▪ Using Video or Phone audio
▪ Meetings/Conference Calls
▪ Scheduling and Joining Meetings
▪ Meeting tools
▪ Share Desktop