Course Code: WO10L2

Duration: 1 Day

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Course Aims:

This course is aimed at existing users of Microsoft Word who want to expand their basic knowledge pf the product.

Course Pre-requisites:

Students who wish to attend this course must have a basic knowledge of Word 2010 and feel comfortable with creating, saving, editing and formatting a document and creating basic tables.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
▪ Create columns of data using tabs
▪ Use advanced table design techniques
▪ Manipulate and calculate with data in a table
▪ Insert an Excel spreadsheet into a document
▪ Apply Borders and Shading to Documents
▪ Store frequently used words & phrases as “Quick Parts”
▪ Customise the automated bullets & numbering feature & create multilevel lists
▪ Use Mail Merge to send a letter to multiple addressees
▪ Use advanced Mail Merge techniques
▪ Create newspaper style columns & insert and work with graphics
▪ Find & replace text
▪ Manage files within Word

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Setting Tabs
▪ Creating & Editing Tabs
▪ Creating a Leader Tab

Editing a Table
▪ Creating & Selecting Table Components
▪ Inserting & Deleting Rows & Columns into a Table
▪ Formatting Columns & Text in a Table
▪ Merging & Splitting Cells
▪ Setting Table Properties
▪ Applying Table Styles
▪ Converting a Table into Text
▪ Converting text to a diagram
▪ Placing Headings on All Pages
▪ Sorting Table Data
▪ Using Formulas in Tables

Borders & Shading
▪ Applying to Tables
▪ Applying to Text
▪ Applying to Drawings
▪ Add visual effect to text

Importing Excel Worksheets
▪ Linking a Document to Excel Data
▪ Creating an Excel Spreadsheet in a Document

Using “Quick Parts”
▪ Creating, Inserting and Deleting Quick Parts
▪ Using Mail Merge

Working with Lists
▪ Customizing Numbered/Bulleted Lists
▪ Resetting Bullet/Number Styles
▪ Bulleting/Numbering a Multilevel List
▪ Using List Styles
▪ Sorting a List Alphabetically

Working with Mail Merge
▪ Identifying the Main Document
▪ Creating a Data Source
▪ Adding Merge Fields to a Document
▪ Previewing and Completing a Mail Merge
▪ Sorting & Filtering Records to be Merged
▪ Creating Labels and a Catalogue

Using Newsletter-style Columns
▪ Creating Newsletter-style Columns
▪ Changing Column Width & Spacing
▪ Adding a Vertical Line between Columns
▪ Balancing Column Length

Using Find & Replace

Managing Files
▪ Selecting File Views
▪ Sorting Word Files
▪ Assigning a Password
▪ Removing a Password

Action planning

Review of Programme