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Microsoft Word 2016 Level 3

Course Code: WO16L3

Duration: 1 Day

Course Aims:

This course is aimed at people who want to begin using Microsoft Word as a desk-top publishing tool in order to create more complex documents and carry out some basic automation.

Course Pre-requisites:
Students who wish to attend this course must have a good knowledge of Word, including table design, paragraph formatting and automatic numbering of lists.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
▪ Pre-store formatting using styles and apply styles to text
▪ Format different parts of a document using section breaks
▪ Work with long documents using outline view, document map and inserting summary information
▪ Mark specific parts of a document with bookmarks and cross references
▪ Insert a footnote and endnote into a document
▪ Generate a table of contents and index
▪ Create standard documents using templates and forms

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Using Styles
▪ Using built-in ‘Quick Styles’
▪ Viewing the styles list
▪ Creating and applying custom paragraph styles
▪ Creating and applying custom character styles
▪ Revealing styles in Draft View
▪ Modifying existing styles
▪ Reverting to the ‘Normal’ style
▪ Deleting a style
▪ Copying styles to other documents

Using Outline View
▪ Understanding outline levels
▪ Applying outline levels to paragraphs
▪ Working in Outline View
▪ Collapsing/expanding outline headings
▪ Moving an outline level
▪ Auto numbering outline levels
▪ Viewing the document ‘Navigation Pane’

Creating a Table of Contents
▪ Inserting a table of contents into a document
▪ Updating a table of contents
▪ Modifying table of content styles
▪ Replacing/removing a table of contents

Using Section Breaks
▪ Understanding section breaks
▪ Inserting a ‘Next Page’ section break
▪ Modifying document layout for a section
▪ Inserting a ‘Continuous’ section break
▪ Removing a section break
▪ Inserting automatic section breaks
▪ Modifying a section type
▪ Changing the header/footer for a document section

Advanced Paragraph Formatting
▪ Using text flow options
▪ Entering & Inserting Summary Information
▪ Using AutoSummarise

Using Bookmarks
▪ Inserting/deleting bookmarks in a document
▪ Using bookmarks for cross-references and hyperlinks

Using Footnotes & Endnotes
▪ Adding automatically numbered footnote annotations
▪ Editing and deleting footnote annotations
▪ Adding automatically numbered endnote annotations

Creating an Index
▪ Marking a document with index entries
▪ Generating & updating an automatic index

Using Templates & Wizards
▪ Using built-in or online templates
▪ Creating a custom template
▪ Modifying a custom template
▪ Deleting a custom template

Using Forms
▪ Creating content controls
▪ Text controls
▪ Combo control
▪ Check control
▪ Date picker control
▪ Using Word ‘Legacy’ controls
▪ Protecting a form
▪ Unprotecting and editing a form
▪ Printing a form

Action planning

Review of Programme

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