Course Code: WO16L4

Duration: 1 Day

Request availability & pricing Course Aims:

This course is aimed at people who want to use Microsoft Word as an advanced desk-top publishing tool in order to create professional quality printed documents.

Course Pre-requisites:

Students who wish to attend this course should have attended the Word Level 1, 2 and 3 courses or have a very good understanding and significant experience in working with styles, table design, advanced paragraph formatting and using automation in documents.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
▪ Customise the Word environment
▪ Automate processes with macros
▪ Manage large documents using a master document
▪ Create a drawing with the drawing toolbar
▪ Track the changes to a document that is reviewed and edited by others
▪ Save documents in HTML format
▪ Work with graphics, graphs and drawing tools

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Working with AutoFormat
▪ Using AutoFormat
▪ Changing AutoFormat options

Creating Master Documents
▪ Using a master document
▪ Inserting subdocuments
▪ Creating a new subdocument
▪ Collapsing/expanding & opening subdocuments

Inserting Graphics
▪ Using pictures
▪ Inserting & formatting a photograph or an ‘Online Picture’
▪ Creating & formatting WordArt objects
▪ Creating watermarks
▪ Creating a cover page
▪ Using advanced layout options for graphics

Using Charts & Diagrams
▪ Inserting a Word chart into a document
▪ Modifying a Word chart
▪ Importing an Excel chart into a document
▪ Inserting SmartArt graphics
▪ Taking and using ‘screenshots’

Customising Word Preferences
▪ Changing the default font and paragraph
attributes & page settings
▪ Setting view options
▪ Setting save options
▪ Modifying default file locations
▪ Customising the Ribbon

Working with Drawing Objects
▪ Creating a ‘Shape’ (drawing object)
▪ Selecting & moving Shapes
▪ Formatting a Shape
▪ Working with the ‘Drawing Canvas’

Tracking Revisions
▪ Activating change tracking
▪ Reviewing tracked changes option
▪ Displaying changes
▪ Showing markup
▪ Reviewing pane
▪ Locking (protecting) tracked changes
▪ Accepting/rejecting tracked changes
▪ De-activating change tracking
▪ Comparing documents
▪ Adding comments to a document
▪ Replying to a comment
▪ Viewing/deleting comments

Using Macros
▪ Recording macros
▪ Running a Macro
▪ Assigning a macro to a button on the Quick Access Toolbar
▪ Assigning a macro to a keystroke
▪ Deleting a macro

Using Word HTML Features
▪ Saving files in the HTML file format
▪ Opening and editing a web page in Word
▪ Opening a web page in a web browser
▪ Using hyperlink automatic formatting
▪ Hyperlinking to files and bookmarks
▪ Browsing hyperlinks
▪ Editing a hyperlink
▪ Modifying & reposting HTML files

Action planning

Review of Programme