Intermediate Apprenticeships and your Business

How can Intermediate Apprenticeships Benefit your Business?

Apprenticeships have become much more commonplace in the average business. More than simply a way to bring new employees on board, apprenticeships have become the key method of training for many organisations. They can effectively replace in-house training programmes and get your staff to the level of qualification you and they desire.

Intermediate apprenticeships or Level 2 apprenticeships can help to develop your junior team members, embedding training into everyday life, and create a training culture within your businesses.

How does an Intermediate Apprenticeship benefit your Business and Employees?

There are many benefits to giving your employees the chance to enrol on an apprenticeship scheme. Intermediate level apprenticeships are amongst the most popular for a wide range of reasons including:

On-the-Job Personal and Professional Development

Apprenticeship training focuses on learning new skills and embedding these skills into the world of work. Assessments are evidence of the newly learned skill, and they support apprentices as they focus in on their strengths within their existing role or strive towards new skills with progression or promotion in mind.

Career Progress

An effective way to get the most out of an apprenticeship scheme is to align it with career progression within your company. Apprenticeship training can run alongside career development and be included as a step towards their growth plan. It’s also worth considering that investing in your employee’s training and career development improves retention rates. It makes them less likely to move onto another business or find a new role elsewhere.

Engagement with Leadership and Management

Apprentices can only succeed with the support of their line manager. Managers often take on the role of mentor to their apprentices to help them develop. Effectively run apprenticeship schemes give employees the motivation and engagement to succeed and these are qualities you want in any good employee.

By introducing entry-level apprenticeships, businesses can experience widespread benefits across the business:

  • Reach a more diverse candidate base.
  • Ensure training and development is embedded at the start of the career ladder.
  • Raise your organisation’s profile as one who invests in training and development.
  • Use your levy effectively and inclusively across your organisation.

The National Apprenticeship Service recently surveyed employers The results showed 69% of employers agreed that apprentices improve staff retention. Their evidence also found that 65% of apprentices stay working for the company.

The benefits of offering apprenticeships as a replacement for, or even alongside, your traditional in-house training programmes, really do stack up. If you need any guidance in putting an apprenticeship scheme in place, our team are on hand to help.