Tackling E-Commerce with Apprenticeships

The Future is Data: Does your Business have the Skillset to Survive?

Data roles are on the rise in organisations of all shapes and sizes. Many businesses have significant amounts of quality data, but don’t know where to being to use it successfully, which is where qualified data professionals come in. 68% of organisations were hiring for Chief Data Officer roles in 2020 according to Forbes, a huge increase from the 12% doing the same in 2012. Data has become a priority for businesses, but how do you ensure you have the staff to maximise it?

The Coronavirus pandemic drove companies around the globe to push forward with digital transformation in ways they could never have expected. A more digitally focused world means data is more important than ever. You can utilise information from abandoned shopping carts to subscribers to newsletters can be invaluable for company growth if you have the data knowledge to analyse and manipulate it.

Companies Lacking Data Skills are Losing Out

A study by Sigma found big companies are only using around 12% of their data, meaning the remainder is left to go to waste. The reasons behind this centre around a lack of skills and training in this area. You can hire in data professionals but there needs to be a general business understanding of the value of data too.

The beautiful thing about data is there are so many different roles within this area of business. Everything from collection to analysis and preparation to visualisation needs to be covered and with the right training, you can develop dedicated and enthusiastic data professionals who can make the most of your business’ data.

Businesses with good data management benefit from increased profits because they can leverage their data effectively towards wider business goals. It also makes it easier to make considered business decisions as you have the data and analysis to back up any decision before it is made. Your data employees can really be the driving force behind the business so upskilling them should be a priority.

Upskilling your Data Employees

Investing in training for your data employees reaps business-wide rewards. Upskilling data employees ensures your business is always on the cutting edge of the latest technological developments. It also allows you to create more considered and fact-based visualisations and presentations for stakeholders and senior management within your organisation.

Data Skills Apprenticeships

The interest in data skills and careers means apprenticeships in this field are popular and it is possible to train to a high level. Key Training currently offers a range of data apprenticeships including:

Data Technician Level 3: training and theory with a focus on collecting and processing data. Data technician apprentices will lean about how to effectively college, process, and present data in an effective context for their organisation.

Data Analyst Level 4: training and theory at a higher level which involves collecting, organising, and studying data for the benefit of the wider business. Data analyst apprenticeships give you the chance to manage, cleanse, abstract and aggregate data, getting used to relevant software packages and utilising this data to benefit business goals.

The data your business holds is one of its most valuable assets. This makes the people who can tap into its value just as valuable. Maximising the potential of your data staff and upskilling them with relevant additional training can only serve to benefit the whole business.