Apprentices Over 25: Investing in your People and your Company

The nature of apprenticeships is still misunderstood by many, even in business. The common misconception that they are a training programme simply for school leavers or under 18s is still prevalent in many businesses and this could be to the detriment of your business. Apprenticeships are for anyone aged over 16 and they are fast becoming a popular and effective way to upskill your workforce and help employees find their talents within the business.

45.5% of apprentices are over 25 so it’s clear there is demand and therefore benefits of choosing a later life apprenticeship and businesses reap the rewards too. You can utilise the apprenticeship levy funding to give your employees the chance to find their specialism and maximise their talents and skills.

How will an Apprenticeship impact Day-to-Day Work Life?

If you enrol any of your employees on an apprenticeship, then they will be required to spend 20% of their time dedicated to “off-the-job” learning. This can mean you need to fill the gap in the workplace during this time but the new skills and abilities your employee offers make it more than worthwhile.

The length of an apprenticeship will depend on the level chosen. Apprenticeships run from levels 1 to 6 and are equivalent to qualifications from GCSE at Level 1 to Masters at Level 6. Apprenticeships are highly flexible so you could consider part-time options for employees you cannot lose for 20% of their working week but will of course take longer to achieve the qualification and put the new skills into action.

Why would your Employees want to do an Apprenticeship?

Due to the misconception around apprenticeships and the idea they are for new starters and school leavers, you may find some employees reluctant to give them a go. If you lay out the benefits in full, however, you can be sure interest will be much higher. Employees should want to consider an apprenticeship with your company because:

  • Motivation and Productivity

New skills and investment in your talents is something employees crave. The chance to better themselves and improve their position within the company is something many employees want and an apprenticeship is a guaranteed way of offering this. It could help transform employees career potential and help them move in the right direction towards their career goals.

  • Loyalty

If you’re investing in apprenticeships for your employees they’ll recognise your loyalty and commitment to them. This will help them feel valued as employees and also improve your retention rates as employees who are actively building their skills and developing are much less likely to leave.

  • Skills Development

Learning new skills and expanding their job roles is a definite winner for most employees. As an employer you can benefit from the apprenticeships as they allow you to fill any skills gaps within your business and your employees will be pleased for the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience too.

At Key Training we work with many employers to help them upskill their existing employees and benefit from the apprenticeship scheme for workers over 25.