Busier than Ever: Areas Where Brexit has Boosted Business

While Brexit has shown to impact the economy in a less than positive way for many sectors, others have seen an upsurge in their business or a period of extreme busy activity to it. Some EU retailers are holding more stock in the UK to avoid issues with supply in the coming months and there are other companies seeing the upside of the new EU-UK trade deal.

Speaking to FT.com, Stephen Carr of Peel Ports in Liverpool is recruiting new dock workers as there has been a surge in activity and more than they could have expected. While more dock workers and shipping staff are needed, Liverpool is seeing growth in its shipping sector as companies want to avoid the congestion in Calais and the Channel, opting to move their stock via the northern container port instead.

Logistics and shipping has been at the heart of the Brexit negotiations, as the trade deal directly impacts anyone importing and exporting between the EU and UK. Significant changes in legislation and individual legal requirements also means auxiliary businesses are also seeing an increase in workload.

Administration Upsurge for Accountants and Shipping Clerks

Unsurprisingly, the change in legislation and paperwork that comes with it means there has been increase in demand in bureaucracy and professionals well-versed in handling this aspect of business. Accountancy firms can look to become accredited customs agents to help support businesses with the new customs declarations and related paperwork.

The government has stated UK businesses will be making around 255 million customs declarations every year and the nature of the declarations can be difficult for businesses to access without the right knowledge and support. The HMRC Customs Declaration Service is still under development and the older CHIEF system is still in use for most companies. While all businesses regularly involved in customs, imports and exports will be used to using this system, the volume of declarations required means bringing in extra employees is understandable.

Apprentices for Transport and Logistics

An apprenticeship in the transport and logistics sector helps the local community employment rates and is a great way of starting a career in a growing and exciting industry. For employers in logistics, apprentices are an affordable and effective way of bringing new staff onboard, and with industry-focused training, you’ll soon have a fully fledged employee with training that is perfectly tailored to your business.

Apprentices can play a key role in handling the administrative load which has developed due to Brexit and they can be trained in supporting your wider team with customs declarations, ensuring all paperwork is in line with new Post-Brexit guidelines. Apprentices are enthusiastic and looking for a role which they can find a long-term future and career in. The ever-changing and developing nature of logistics and transport is the ideal place to forge a lasting career with many prospects and different avenues to explore.