Celebrate Nature with Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is running between 10th to 16th May and will focus on the theme of Nature. Each year the Mental Health Foundation hosts this important awareness event to bring everyone together and get us thinking about the importance of mental health awareness.

Starting up conversations about mental health is not always straightforward and awareness events give people the trigger or courage necessary to talk and perhaps find the support they need. This year the focus is connecting with nature and thinking about how nature can play a role in improving our mental health.

Why Nature?

The Mental Health Foundation has explained the clear connection between nature and our mental health. Being in nature is known to help tackle mental health problems and focus and protect our personal wellbeing. With Coronavirus impacting on many people’s mental health and ability to enjoy nature in the last twelve months, it seems a fitting theme as we come out of lockdown and can celebrate nature a little more easily than a few months ago.

Exploring the natural world could mean spending half an hour in your own garden or heading to countryside to explore and enjoy something further afield. You could spot wildlife, visit a local river or simply head to the park. How you explore nature is very personal, but it is a chance to let go of stresses and strains and focus on your surroundings.

The Mental Health Foundation is also using their Nature theme as a chance to launch new policy requests with the government to enable greater access for people to nature, as many cannot enjoy it as easily as others. This will include suggestions such as creating safer parks, planting more trees in urban areas and the consideration of green space in building and estate design.

Mental Health Awareness Week in your Workplace

Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week publicly as an organisation shows you are a supportive company and an ally to anyone who may be suffering with mental health problems. Any employees who may have mental health problems will have further assurance that they work in a safe place where they can discuss their needs and concerns if required.

It could also be a great time to invest in your employees and offer the opportunity to take part in dedicated mental health awareness training. Courses such as our Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems and our online Mental Well-Being and Resilience training are a great way of furthering understanding and putting the spotlight on mental health awareness during this event.

Mental Health Awareness with Key Training

At Key Training we are committed to supporting people with their mental health and ensuring everyone has the support they need and understands the complexities of mental health. To raise awareness in 2021 we’ve planned a full package of short, bite-size courses you can get involved with and do your part to fight for mental health. The courses run from 10th to 16th May with two courses every day including:

  • Look After Your Own Mental Health
  • Breath Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Coping with Pressure & Managing Stress
  • Resolving Conflict

Mental health awareness and providing a supportive environment for employees is key throughout the year but spending time to recognise important awareness events is valuable too.