Creating Better Customer Experiences with Custom Success Training

Understanding the customer’s journey with your business has become more important than ever before. Customers have more choice than ever when it comes to making purchases and choosing services so businesses have to actively look for ways to improve the experience they create for each and everyone. Customer success has been a KPI for many businesses looking to measure the quality of their experience and to provide a more rounded and customer-focused experience for all.

Customer success aligns closely with customer support and is fully focused on improved customer satisfaction levels. Customer success is in some ways a relabelling task, as it brings together account management, customer service and customer support. It’s a process which uses proactive measures to keep customers happy, successful and returning for repeat business. It’s about building partnerships and relationships with customers to ensure they get the most value out of all their purchases and their customer experience is as complete as possible. Customer success is integral to an effective business and the right training in this developing new field is key to employees delivering the service level you expect.

The Role of Customer Success in your Business’ Journey

Customer success is a vital component of any business hoping to grow and move forward, as well as retain customers and develop a reputation to be proud of. Below we take a closer look at some ways that customer success impacts all elements of your business:

Customer Retention

Long-term repeat business is absolutely essential for company’s who want to grow their reputation. If your processes ensure your customers are successful then they are more likely to come back and make further purchases, renew their subscription, or continue with their service provision.

Customer Acquisition

A large portion of customer acquisition is linked to customer retention, as your loyal customers and supporters are much more likely to share their feelings about your company, recommend your services and convince others to come on board. Retained customers have a direct impact on new customers so successful retained customers are something all businesses want.

Reduce Customer Churn

Finding ways to minimise lost customers is a focus all businesses need, and minimising churn rates is a preoccupation for sales teams who need to find new and innovative ways to keep customers coming back for more.  Customer success addresses churn as it keeps a close handle on each customer’s experience, helps ensure they can easily get on board, enjoy your product or service and quickly recognise the value it adds to their lives.

Brand Promotion

Customer success focuses in on giving customer’s as much help and guidance as they need. The primary goal may be to retain their custom, but you also want to ensure they recognise you’re their to help if you need them. This in turn helps to build your brand’s reputation as a helpful and reliable company.

Increased Efficiency

Significant time and energy goes into acquiring new customers and while there is always a need to bring new customers in, effective customer success will increase organic customer growth too. Your company will also be spending significant time dealing with customer issues and problems, which is another area customer success can help. Customer success involves high level strategising and being proactive, so problems can be anticipated and solved before they become an issue for the customer themselves.

Adapting Customer Service Training to the Success Model

To fully understand and adopt this new approach to customers, many businesses will need to look for training solutions to help new and existing employees enhance their skillset.

Apprenticeships in customer-facing roles focusing on customer experience, success and service are an effective method for helping employees gain a strategic understanding of their job role. It benefits both the employee and the business to invest in specific further training to improve the customer experience and promote customer success as, with the huge amount of competition in almost every market area, you need to do something special to stand out.

Customer service and success training shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your employees in this department need to build their skills to a high level to ensure your customers get the experience they deserve. Good customer service is about a lot more than simply answering calls and smiling. Your need to develop a business-focused approach to their role and focus on always providing a positive customer experience, even in volatile situations such as complaints or with unhappy customers. Businesses with experienced and quality customer teams can turn even negative experiences into positive outcomes.

Apprenticeships and specialist training in customer success are an ideal choice for existing employees who you wish to upskill and develop for the benefit of your business and their careers. You may have plenty of talent which you can exploit even further with the right focus and the chance to develop their continued professional development.

Professional training gives employees the chance to become an ambassador for your brand and gain an in-depth understanding of how to deliver the highest levels of customer service and support as part of the customer success process. This all comes together to create better customer experiences and helps position your business above others who have yet to fully understand or take onboard the idea of customer success.

Apprenticeships in Customer Success

Companies looking to take their customer experience to the next level need to consider customer success and the strategy behind every stage of a customer’s journey. To keep customers engaged, happy and committed to your brand you need to add value to everything you do and create success in every area of your business.

At Key Training we offer specialist training to help businesses upskill their employees and enhance their customer experiences, with a higher level of customer success understanding and experience.