Demystifying eLearning: How to embrace the Remote Learning Boom and Enhance your Skillset

Even some of the world’s top universities have switched their lectures and seminars to eLearning so it has become as valuable and useful as traditional learning environments. The uncertain times of late have lead to the online world becoming more important than ever, especially for training and developing your skillset in a time where you may not be able to work normally or are looking to boost your skills while working from home.

eLearning works in a number of ways. There are courses which are run solely online with occasional tutor input and others where tutors lead each module of the course, whether this is through video conferencing, messaging or pre-recorded course content. Training online does take a level of self-discipline that can be difficult to master but there are so many benefits to online courses and learning for both individuals and businesses that it is worth considering your options.

How eLearning benefits Individuals


eLearning is different from regular classroom-based learning in a number of ways but this can be beneficial for many people. eLearning is ideal in current times when working outside of home is not recommended and it is also a good idea because:

  • It offers flexibility: learners can fit their courses around their other commitments, whether at work or with family. You can fit a module in whenever you have the time and slowly complete courses at your own pace. Some do have a finishing date but they are often much more flexible than traditional learning methods.
  • Accessible to all: online training is much more accessible than the standard classroom. While accessibility have been improved in recent years, working from home and learning from home may be preferable for people with mobility issues. Most courses can also be taken wherever you may be, so even if you often travel, you can still access your course materials on the go.
  • Support still available: good learning providers ensure you have access to tutors and customer service assistant to help you with any concerns you may have. Some online courses come with community involvement too, so you may get to know others on your course virtually too.

How eLearning benefits Employers

Employers and businesses can benefit from online courses for their employees as they are easily accessible and scalable resource. If you invest in a number of courses then you can utilise them across your workforce, not having to pay individually each time as you’ll pay a fee for course access as a company. Equally, courses are a great way of motivating and empowering employees to be more focused and more interested in their roles and look to work to progress within your company. Online training which you provide for all of your employees also ensures a consistent level of service is given to your customers.

Getting to grips with eLearning when you are used to a more traditional learning environment isn’t a difficult process. With a bit of time to get used to the environment and support from the learning providers it is very easy to enjoy and develop a wide range of skills through online education and courses.

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