Enjoy the Company-Wide Benefits of Online Group Training Sessions

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we’ve had to get creative with our approach to training and even the every day meeting. From quick tutorials on how to actually use Zoom to full-on new intake and induction training via video link, companies have had to adapt quickly to keep their businesses going, their employees motivated and their training schedules on track. The benefits of training online may not be something you’d even thought about before, but the current climate has given us all the chance to try something new and, in many cases, extremely effective.

Below we’re taking a closer look at why online training can be beneficial before looking at the real advantages of bringing different departments together for group training sessions.

Online Training for All Employees

Online training can benefit your team in many different ways. Whether setting up individual sessions for specific job goals and targets or organising group sessions, training online is a chance for employees to improve their CPD and develop new and valuable tools for the workplace. Consider online learning for your team with the following benefits in mind:

Flexibility, in more ways than one

While you may organise some group sessions at set times, individual online learning allows your employees to shape their learning round their lifestyle. This is particularly valuable at present when many are trying to balance work and home life and the stresses this can bring. Flexibility with online training also means employees can work from home, as is necessary for many at present, or in other environments aside the workplace, when it is safe to do so.

Keep Costs Down

While on-site training isn’t possible at the moment anyway, most business owners know it does come at a cost. Often this is a commitment worth making but for some skills and training sessions, the more affordable online channel makes the most sense. Online training is almost always less expensive than on-site and in many instances the same certification can be provided.

Minimise Management Strain

New employees rightfully have a lot of questions and are eager to learn about their new job. Induction training or key skills training online can fulfil a lot of these queries and mean management are not endlessly answering the same questions. We’re not suggesting management should shut themselves off from employees, but high-quality training can help prepare employees for their role effectively and cut down on the repetitive questions.

Morale-Boosting, Silo-Splitting Group Training

Many companies are changing tack with their training and bringing different departments together. Whereas marketing and sales and accounting may previously had separate training sessions, and will still have these for specific skills, group training has become a great tool for learning, morale-boosting and bringing employees together, especially as they’re now more far apart than usual. Taking a whole company approach to training, even through Zoom or Microsoft Team, allows the differing skills to gel and input from different departments to be considered by all. This in turn helps the business work more effectively as a whole and can help breed greater understanding between departments.