How to Find an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are bound to become more popular again with the Chancellor’s latest announcement but those looking for one may not necessarily know where to start. Apprenticeships are offered by employers in many different sectors and they’re advertised in many different places. Finding the right apprenticeship for you may take some time and research, but it is worth it to ensure you’re applying for the right roles.

Before you Begin your Search

Before beginning your search, it’s worth taking some time to research and assess your hopes and expectations. You may have an exact plan of what you want to do and be able to specifically research local firms offering roles in this area. You may also consider asking desired employers with an open vacancy if they’d consider an apprentice. A simple method many people use is just quickly searching online for their chosen interest area such as “IT company” with the addition of their town. This will provide local companies who you can contact directly.

Not everyone is quite as assured in what they plan to do and so looking for advice from others or browsing generally can help too. You may have access to a careers adviser which could help to shape your plans for choosing an apprenticeship. Careers advisers may come into schools, be available online or through the Job Centre and they may be able to help point out specific jobs or apprenticeships which fit your skills interests, even if you don’t have a career in mind.

Finding an Apprenticeship

The National Apprenticeship Scheme exists to provide a full service to apprentices and prospective apprentices in England. It’s the best place to start when looking for general advice and guidance before looking for the specific apprenticeships you’re hoping to apply for. In line with the NAS, is the government’s Find an Apprenticeship website and service. Many providers will list their apprenticeships via this service and all the information you need will be provided, including start dates, entry requirements, application methods and any qualifications you may need. Some vacancies are open for applications via the website directly while others require you to visit the employer or training provider’s website. This is the most common place for school leavers and others to find their ideal apprenticeship.

Other Places to find Apprenticeships

While you may not find exactly what you want on the government’s website, you can try a few other places. As already mentioned, it is possible to simply contact local employers directly. Similarly, you could try:

    1. Large Employers: many of the largest companies and biggest employers in the UK have their own apprenticeship schemes. Some may only advertise these on their own website, so you need to visit it directly to check. Public sector organisations and local government bodies may also offer apprenticeships, so it is also worth checking them out.
    2. Not Going to Uni – the notgoingtouni website has become more and more popular, providing a range of vacancies you may not find elsewhere and the same can be said for
  1. Regular job vacancy sites and boards – some companies may advertise their apprenticeships with regular job vacancy sites such as the government’s job search site, Jobsite and Indeed. Like with a regular web search you can simply type “apprentice” and your local area into most of these sites.

Applying for Apprenticeships

Making a first application for any role can be nerve-wracking, especially if it is something you’ve never done before. On the Find an Apprenticeship website all details are provided on how to apply whereas other sites may just ask for a CV and covering letter. Spend time putting together a relevant and tailored CV which incorporates your skillset, qualifications and is focused on the role you’ve chosen. Some sites also offer the opportunity to apply on site if you set up an online profile. It will differ depending on where you choose to apply, there are many places to look and a wide range of opportunities available across the UK, ensuring there should be at least one which interests you.

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