Making your Next Career Move: Becoming a Team Leader

Becoming a team leader is the natural first step towards management for an entry-level employee. Team leader roles are common in customer service, retail and hospitality. They give the employee a chance to practice, develop and use their leadership skills on a daily basis. Team leaders often play a key role in the training and management of entry-level employees and are often responsible for managing the day-to-day standards including any changes, which upper management make.

Here we’re looking at key ways to improve your chances of moving into a leadership role and becoming a team leader within your current organisation.

Be Recognised

For anyone to be considered for a more senior role or promotion, management need to recognise you for the right reasons. Being recognised by management personnel comes with time and always ensuring you meet the basic requirements of your role and are willing to go above and beyond where necessary. Taking on additional tasks outside the scope of your role is an effective way of being recognised and showing management you’re eager to learn.

Accept it Takes Time

Career progression may be something you dream of from day one, but letting your career develop naturally is the most effective way of ensuring a successful path to leadership. Senior roles often require 3-5 years’ experience at entry level and during these years you should do all you can to build your experiences in your industry and take as many opportunities as you can to explore different elements of the job role. Positioning yourself as someone committed to a career in your field will hold you well when leadership positions become available.

Hone your Communication Skills

Moving into a senior role means you need to be able to effectively communicate with a wide range of people in different ways than you might at entry-level. Even employees who begin with no experience can develop advanced communication skills with practice and dedication. There are even communications courses designed to help enhance your skillset and look great on your CV when looking at different roles and promotion opportunities.

Invest in your Education

Often people don’t realise there is scope to develop new, valuable and transferrable skills in an entry-level role. However, how can anyone progress to management and develop their careers without the opportunity to learn? Anyone seeking a role at a more senior level should take the time to further their education and training. This could be online training courses in specialist areas such as customer service or more general transferrable training in leadership and team management. Showing your commitment to furthering your training shows your managers and potential new employers that you are dedicated to your chosen field.

Taking the first step towards a leadership role is nothing to fear or believe is unachievable. Focusing on your career goals and investing in training and skills development will help you along the way to that first promotion.