Male Administrators: Why Admin is a Great Career Choice Regardless of Gender

Administration has always been seen as the women’s realm. Traditionally, women have always been hired for administrative and secretarial jobs and it has become unacceptably considered “women’s work”, when there is no reason, it isn’t an area of business where anyone could succeed and thrive. A survey carried out by Careersmart found 77% of their administrative workforce are women but shockingly, when men work in admin roles, their salary is on average £4000 higher.

Why is Admin seen as the Work of Women?

Women are considered naturally more organised and able to multitask. Of course, this is a stereotype, but it seems to have stuck in a way which means women are found in more administrative roles than men. Administrative roles are also often customer-facing and with women considered more social (again, another stereotype) and can chat and converse more easily with customers. Administration has also become mainly carried out by women as men have had the chance to become more dominant in other areas such as technology and management. There is no reason for it to be this way and men looking to forge a career in administration will not be disappointed, with the following benefits to consider.

An Invaluable Part of the Business

No company can run effectively without good administrators. Working in administration puts you at the heart of the business. Providing business support to your colleagues and management positions you as an important member of the team and succeeding in admin positions you well for career growth.

A Springboard to Different Departments

Beginning a career in administration may not be what you were planning for the long run, but it positions you at the centre of the business and allows you to gain a good understanding of other departments within the business. Being at the heart of all the action allows you to explore other business areas and look for openings.

Build Soft Skills

In administration you have to build a wide range of skills and use them daily. From organising diaries, to taking phone calls to liaising with different departments and staff, you must quickly and effectively pick up a wide range of skills. In time, most administrators begin to take on more important roles such a project management, opening up yet another potential career area.

A role in administration isn’t something that anyone should consider beneath them. It places you at the centre of the business and allows you to develop a huge range of transferable skills. None of the age-old stereotypes about men and women should be considered as deal breakers in the workplace, so considering a role in administration is something anyone should keep in mind if it’s an area of interest or a way to break into a business you particularly want to work for.