Mental Health Awareness: How Kindness can Make All the Difference

The Mental Health Foundation is hosting its annual Mental Health Awareness Week this week, from 18th to 24th May and this year’s theme is kindness. The current climate has taught us more than ever before about how much kindness matters and how even the smallest acts of kindness can make a real difference to someone’s life. While we cannot hug and be close to our family and friends, we can still be kind and be creative in our ways of showing how much we care.

The Mental Health Foundation has worked tirelessly to support everyone in understanding and managing their mental health and wellbeing, and this includes understanding the importance of kindness. They’re looking for the government to draw up a Wellbeing Economy Green Paper which focuses in on wellbeing, including mental health and this Mental Health Awareness Week gives us all a chance to get involved and raise interest and attention in the campaign. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author Scott Adams rightly said: “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end” and it is important never to underestimate how simply being kind could help someone in their darkest hours.

Here are 20 Random Acts of Kindness that you could do to start your own positive reaction:

  1. Send a colleague a positive message to show them how much you appreciate them.
  2. Pick a small business and leave them positive review.
  3. Give out 3 compliments every day this week.
  4. Start an online quiz night with your friends and family.
  5. Collect up all your loose change and donate it to a charity online.
  6. Get some chalk and write positive messages on your driveway or wall.
  7. Send letters with stickers and colours to the kids in your life.
  8. Connect a charity to your Amazon account.
  9. When you are out on a walk, collect litter that you see on the ground.
  10. Get your sewing machine out and make some face coverings for family, friends and neighbours.
  11. Make a friend who is struggling a care package and send it in the post.
  12. Let someone go in front of you in the supermarket or in traffic.
  13. Write a thank you note for your delivery people and stick it on the door.
  14. Let a teacher know if they are doing a good job working with your children remotely.
  15. See if your local hospital has an Amazon Wishlist and send them supplies.
  16. Teach a colleague a new skill or help them with a project.
  17. Record a video for a loved one that you can’t see at the moment and send it to them.
  18. Email friends that you have lost touch with and reconnect.
  19. Feed the birds.
  20. Bake or cook something for a neighbour