Pride Month 2021: How can you support your LGBTQ+ Staff?

LGBTQ+ Pride Month is upon us and every year it’s a chance for all employers to show their colleagues the inclusive nature of their business and commitment to being as welcoming an environment as possible. For LGBTQ+ employees and potential employees inclusion is key to feeling at happy at work or being able to employee to a specific company. Let’s look more closely at celebrating Pride Month and how to support employees in your business who identify as LGBTQ+.

Pride Month is celebrated every June to recognise the Stonewall Riots of 1969. This protest marked the first ever Pride march and became synonymous with celebrating and campaigning for the right to equality, freedom and standing against discrimination. To support LGBTQ+ Pride Month in the workplace consider trying any or all of the below ideas.

Celebrate with Pride

Publicly celebrating Pride Month is a clear indicator to your employees and potential employees that you are a supporter and ally of LGBTQ+ people. It’s a public way to show your support and could include hosting charity support events, decorating the office or sponsoring and supporting the pride parade itself. Ask LGBTQ+ employees how they’d like to celebrate Pride in your office.

Commit to Inclusivity Training

Inclusivity training should be part of all business’ core training programme, but additional sessions and recap training during Pride Month brings the issue of equality and inclusivity to the forefront. LGBTQ+ inclusion relies upon all employees being welcoming and open to difference and not everyone has the same life experiences so the right inclusivity training can be essential. Without adequate training and education there is a higher chance of misgendering, hurtful language and other issues which may be used with or without intent, so additional training should be a focus.

Support LGBTQ+ Charities

Some businesses opt to hold charity events and fundraisers in support of a range of LGBTQ+ charities. Again, ask your employees which charities they’d like to support, or you could opt for some of the bigger names in the sector including MindOut, Galop and LGBT Foundation. You may find local organisations who need your support too so it’s worth exploring what is available in your area.

Invite a LGBTQ+ Speaker

Hiring a motivational speaker is a great way of engaging and informing your staff about a subject area they may not be particularly knowledgeable about so when Pride Month comes round, hosting an LGBQ+ speaker is a great way of giving your wider staff knowledge of the struggle and difficulties, which many non-LGBTQ+ colleagues may not even have known about. This kind of event can be enlightening and help your staff gain a better understanding of LGBTQ+ rights and have increased empathy and unity with LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Pride Month is a chance to celebrate with your LGBTQ+ colleagues and promote your business’ inclusivity at the same time. Take a look at some of the great courses we offer to support this.