Skill Up: Use Lockdown 2.0 as a Chance to Train your Team

The enforcement of the second lockdown across England on 5th November has been met with mixed opinions. It is designed to help contain Coronavirus and minimise the damage the virus is doing to our population and economy, but by enforcing another lockdown, many businesses are having to close. The government provide a full list of the businesses that have to close but it includes many different sectors from leisure and hospitality to retail and sports facilities to hair and beauty salons.

While this can be disheartening and worrying if you work or run a business in these sectors, it is a great time to consider upskilling and developing your workforce. We have previously discussed the many fully funded training opportunities available through the Adult Education Budget. With an Adult Education Budget already set aside for our region, Key Training has a range of courses which are fully funded for adult learners, a great opportunity for people on furlough and something employers can get their employees started on during this period where regular work may not be possible. Below we’re looking at some key areas you could consider training your employees while regular work isn’t possible. All these areas are great for development and could help keep your employees motivated and engaged while unable to carry out their regular tasks.

Mental Health Awareness

We’ve recently discussed the importance of being proactive in mental health awareness and the importance of mental health first aiders in the workplace. With this in mind and combined with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and how it is taking its toll on people’s mental health, online training in mental health is a great investment for your business. Mental Health First Aid training can be done online and is fully funded for many applicants. It’s an effective way of providing employees with in-depth understanding of mental ill-health and how to strive for a mentally healthy work environment within the law.

Top-Up Customer Service Skills

Good customer service is something any client-facing employee needs and while you may have good faith in your team, a little extra training never goes amiss. It also provides them with a valuable qualification in customer services which is something they can take pride in and use as they move forward in their career. Funded customer service training helps provide specific knowledge in improving the customer’s experience, whether this is in person, on the phone or online. Training will also seek to help learners understand the importance of good customer service in retaining customers and building a reputation as a reliable company.

Business Improvement

The impact of Coronavirus spreads far and wide and businesses have been especially hard hit. Many employees are furloughed whereas others are working under unusual conditions, from home or in different shift patterns. These times are ideal for looking at your business practices and investing time in business improvement techniques. Online business improvement techniques training can help learners understand how small changes can be instrumental in improving business success. Training covers areas such as problem solving, flow process analysis and workplace organisation.

Our fully funded training courses are a valuable way of upskilling employees when they can’t work in their usual way.