Skills and Post-16 Education Bill Published

The Government published their new Skills and Post-16 Education Bill in May 2021 and it impacts on many in the skills and education sector, changing some of the legislative powers and providing wider scope for training providers to offer different qualifications. Below we’re looking at what is included in the new Bill.

Local Skills Improvement Plans

The new Bill has put in place new underpinning for local skills improvement plans. This will give the Secretary of State for Education the power to designate employer representative bodies to develop and lead the plans in different regions.

The Bill also states that all colleges and training providers now have a “duty” to cooperate in the development of the local skills improvement plans and also to then “have regard” for said plans. All further education providers will also be required to review how effectively education or training they provide supports local needs and assess if there needs to be changes for meeting the local needs requirement.

New Functions for the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education will have the ability to define and approve new categories of technical qualification. These will need to relate to employer-led standards and occupations in different ways.

Restrictions on Subcontracting for Private Providers

The Bill states a new list of independent training providers will be created to: ““indicate which providers have met conditions that are considered to prevent or mitigate risks associated with the disorderly exit of a provider”.

This will be separate from the register of apprenticeship training providers and it will require independent providers to register with the list. Providers not on the list will not be granted funding agreements and they will not be able to subcontract with other providers listed.

Lifelong Loan Entitlement

The government is also planning to introduce new loans system which allows people to flexibly study across their lives and fit their studies into their lifetime. This could revolutionise the way people learn and allow further education for people who may not have considered it before. The new idea has been called “Lifelong loan entitlement” and it will provide four years of loan funding for both further education and higher education providers, allowing for modular learning and part-time study. The government still has further work and consultation to do on this and we should hear more about how this will impact the industry as more information becomes available.

Post-16 Education Matters

As specialists in providing education and training to people in the workplace and after compulsory education is complete, we understand just how important the provision of education for adults it. The opportunity to study or retrain at any age is essential for people looking to find their next career move or passion. Not everyone is suited to traditional routes to work or finishing school and then going along the usual academic pathway, which is why alternatives are so important.

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