Succeeding with Live Online Training

More and more training providers are moving to offer live online training as regular face-to-face sessions aren’t possible. Getting used to a live video training environment can be difficult for first timers, even those who are confident and proud public speakers. However, live interaction during training sessions allows for properly guided tuition and attendees often feel more engaged and involved with their learning.

Designing live lessons takes a different type of skill but it is something that could benefit your learners and help to enhance their experience while regular sessions cannot go ahead. In time you may find live lessons become something you want to continue offering too. Below are a few pointers to help ensure your live online training sessions deliver the best possible results.

1.    Set Expectations in Advance

Online training events allow for more flexibility in session time but this is not an excuse to be distracted. Make sure you send out a full and comprehensive training schedule which incorporates:

  • The level of participation expected
  • Expectations of their behaviour and participation during the online training sessions
  • That training should be carried out in a distraction-free environment.

2.    Champion Interactivity

Text-heavy presentations are not necessary when you’re going out live. Keep it light to encourage participation from employees and trainees. Running interactive sessions can feel less stuffy and easier to get involved with. Sessions will be more motivated if you incorporate certain elements include:

  • Easy to grasp and relatable stories
  • Provide realistic and believable scenarios with learning elements
  • Offer questions, polls and interactive features to help learners interact and get involved

3.    Never Forget Engagement

Content which isn’t engaging simply won’t keep learners interested and they may even switch off. Your audience needs to be engaging with all you’ve got to say and getting something back from their online learning experience. As a trainer aim to pique their interests at least once every five minutes with different techniques such as:

  • Highlighting specific benefits and perks of your sessions
  • Posing questions you expect a response for
  • Offering online tasks and activities to run alongside the video session, so they can actively get their brains working

4.    Be Ready, Beforehand

Everyone remembers the schoolteacher who couldn’t work the interactive whiteboard or was unable to get those presentation slides to well, slide! You don’t want this to be you when it comes to your training sessions so take the time to practice and do a dry run of your full session, including checking tech effectiveness and functionality. Having the right tools in your arsenal is essential for a successful training session and gaining the trust and respect of the trainees.

Many people have had no choice but to take their training online whereas others find their true passion is offering training to learners around the world and offer the additional benefits that come with online sessions.