Support your Local Community and Enhance your Business by Offering Work Experience Placements

Bringing people on work experience placements into your business can seem more hassle than it’s worth. There is additional paperwork and risk assessments to consider, but the benefits are palpable. In the current climate, businesses should look to do all they can to support their local community and this should include helping young people who may have had their plans for work and study considerably impacted by the global pandemic.

Offering work experience placements is a great idea for both your business and the young people you give the opportunities too. Here we’re looking at how your business can be boosted.


Cost-Effective Talent Hunting

While you may not expect it, your next star employee could come in the form of somebody doing work experience. What’s more, a work experience programme can be a relatively cost-free addition to your business operations. You don’t have to pay anybody on a work experience placement and they only have a last a few days or weeks at most so you won’t need to make significant changes in the workplace. Obviously, if you want to provide free lunches or travel expenses for anyone on work experience it can be very helpful and encourage more interest.


Good for your Wider Team

Bringing young people into your workplace gives you the chance to give your existing employees additional responsibility. Some may want to provide mentorship which can, in turn, increase their motivation and interest in their own role. Others may benefit from the new skills and ideas brought in by younger employees, such as digital literacy. It may also be a chance for you to recognise the talent within your team, as people show off their leadership skills.


Improve and Publicise your Company Image

Offering work placements gives you something to publicise and produce press releases about. You could team up with local colleges or training centres to offer their students work placements, creating great local links with local companies. Additionally, you are gaining publicity for your company with younger potential employees as someone who will young people a chance, and this could help in future rounds of recruitment.


Learn Something New from the New Generation

It is a well-known fact that many businesses are suffering due to their lack of digital knowledge and the digital divide between people running companies and school leavers couldn’t be more clear. With a new energy and new ideas, people joining your company on work experience placements can also be a chance to upskill your employees in new areas such as social media and other digital skills that younger people have spent their entire lives fluent in. Fresh talent and new ideas can only be beneficial for your company’s growth.


Giving people the chance to try work experience with your company is the chance to support your local community in these trying times, and bring added value to your firm.


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