Supporting Apprentices with Additional Learning Needs

The great thing about hiring apprentices is they come from all backgrounds and experiences, enriching your talent pool and offering something new to your workforce. Apprentices with additional learning needs can and should be considered alongside other applicants and providing the relevant support is straightforward with the right processes in place.

Hiring an apprentice with additional learning needs doesn’t need to cause any difficulty whatsoever as long as you put the right plans in place. It remains a sad fact that disabled people are most than twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people and if an employer can make a difference to these figures, it’s certainly worth doing your bit.

Practical Support for Apprentices with Additional Needs

The individual requirements of each person differ which is why it is important to look closely at any applications and assessments you’re considering from potential apprentices with additional needs. The learner, trainer and support team can discuss any additional requirements that will be necessary to help the learner receive the level of support they need.

Most training providers will ensure they have a dedicated learner support team or a learning support specialist to guide apprentices with additional needs. They will provide direct support with learning needs such as dyspraxia, dyslexia and dyscalculia and ensure apprentices have the additional support needed to ensure they can maximise their potential.

The programme may also incorporate workshops, web learning and webinars which are beneficial to all and mean that learners who have additional needs can tackle this element of their learning at their own pace. Online learning tools often make it easy to stop, start and replay modules as necessary and there is often easy access to online support with any issues.

One of the other things to remember is there is a requirement to make reasonable adjustments for learners with additional needs so keep this in mind when they go on-site too. It could be as simple as tablet-access rather than a pen and pencil or additional time for breaks or meals.

Funding for Apprentices

Employers can claim additional funding to cover the costs of the support programme needed for apprentices with additional learning needs. Learning Support Funding is accessible for the extra costs of the support programme training. There are also government grants of £1,000 for employers who take on apprentices aged 19-24 with Educational, Health and Care Plans in place.

Promoting and growing a diverse and inclusive workplace should be a something all businesses aim for. Taking on apprentices from different backgrounds enriches your workforce and making minor adjustments to support an even wider range of candidates should be something businesses are more than willing to do. Get in touch today to find out more