The Advantages of Online Training

More people are at home than ever before, whether able to work or fully self-isolating due to viral symptoms, and this gives us all a huge opportunity to upskill and learn something new. The wealth of online training options means people can take this time to further enhance their work-related skills or learn something new, with plans to develop a new career or open up new opportunities. What’s more, with so many hours stuck in the house, with only a limited amount of exercise or shopping time allowed, people really do need something to focus on.

Learning a new skill or advancing your existing skillset is a healthy way to keep your mind active. Our course range includes everything from IT learning to HR Management, ensuring you can advance job-specific skills, making you a more employable and promotion-worthy professional when the lockdown period is over.

Whether you are an employer, an employee, or simply someone looking to broaden a skillset, there are many advantages of online training.

Benefits for employers

Delivering online training can help grow your business, improve efficiency, and keep your employees happy. Here are some of the main benefits of online training for employers:


For employers, one of the major benefits of online training is that it’s infinitely scalable, compared to traditional face-to-face training. In a traditional scenario, the complexity, cost, time and effort involved a rise in proportion to the number of employees undertaking training and development. However, online training makes it as simple to train five employees as it is to train 5000 if you’re using a high-quality online learning platform. It’s easy to adapt to different employee levels, too – modules can be added or excluded dependent on specific needs of a role.


Finding a venue, providing books and equipment, hiring a trainer… all these costs associated with classroom training are virtually eliminated by online training programs. Ebooks and notes provided as part of whichever course you’ve opted for can be saved for easy access on a work computer. Reference materials, course notes and informative videos can be viewed multiple times, whenever they are needed. The cost effectiveness is related not only to the course itself but also a future business – employees are able to work much more effectively when they have all the information they need readily to hand.


However big or small your workforce, another benefit of online training courses is the ability to ensure that all employees, everywhere, are able to receive the same information and training, at the same time. This means if there is a change in the way you do things or a change in the law or best practice, it can be easily and effectively taught – ensuring all your employees understand how to do their job.


It’s easy for employees to feel like their enjoyment of work has stalled sometimes. Research has shown that providing online classes can help improve motivation and increase employee retention rates by up to 60%. Ultimately, that leads to an increase in revenue per employee – and a reputation as a great company to work for.

Benefits for Everyone


Not everyone works 9-5. Perhaps you can’t fit big chunks of learning time into your schedule. Or perhaps you are an employee who would like to study outside of working hours to develop your career opportunities. Whatever you want to learn, online training gives far more flexibility to access study materials whenever you have the time, even if this changes on a daily or weekly basis.


Using online training saves time, anywhere with an internet connection can be your classroom. You can learn from home, whilst commuting, and while you are at work – and training can be accessed from your mobile, your tablet, your computer, or a combination of all of them. The information you need is right there at your fingertips, all of the time.

Community and Support

Another benefit of online training is the ability to make new connections with people who have similar interests. Many courses offer the option to become part of an online community, where other learners can share their questions, issues and ideas in a supportive forum that enhances learning and offers a range of perspectives – sometimes from all over the world.

Accessible information

Have you ever been in a classroom where everything just went off on a tangent? Most people have experienced classroom learning with that one person who gets hung up on something small and specific, which everyone else might not find useful or interesting. Using online training, you can stay on topic and access only the information you need to, with clearly written and displayed resources rather than random scribbled notes.

Instant Progress Updates

Remember the days when you had to wait for weeks to find out whether you’d achieved a pass or a fail? Online training provides the opportunity to get instant results, and often the option to retake assessments if you don’t feel you’ve done as well as you could. Automated quiz responses can highlight the areas which might need more work, and easy access to learning materials means you can start building your understanding of a not-quite-there-yet topic straight away.

Time To Get Going

With a whole range of different online training options available, there are courses to suit everyone, whatever your interests, learning style or training needs. If you’re stuck inside, or just stuck in a rut, why not give it a try. The benefits are plenty!