The Future for Women in Tech

The outlook for women in technology is not as bright as it should be, according to some recent reports. Research carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research found just 1-in-6 technology specialists in the UK are women and only 1-in-10 are IT leaders. There has been growth in the number of women taking technology and IT roles but female representation in technology is still not anywhere near where it should be, so more needs to be done.

Nominet reported that the UK economy could benefit from an extra £2.6bn a year if there was an increase in women working in technology to fill the growing IT skills gap. How can more women be attracted into the world of technology and beyond this, how can businesses ensure they are satisfied and motivated to remain in this career area?

1.      Career Progression Pathway

Like in any career area, employees want to know where their career might lead. The wide range of career options in IT is not widely publicised and it is conceivable that many women don’t know what opportunities there actually are within technology. Human resources and project management are areas where women are known to succeed and there are many overlaps and career pathways which cross with technology, offering up more interesting career options.

2.     Improved Pay

Money does matter and the gender pay gap is something many sectors are hit with. Research suggests the pay gap in IT is actually smaller than other sectors and many of the most innovative and influential tech businesses are committed to minimising the gap even more. Companies such as Salesforce and Intel have already committed to equal wages for their employees carrying out the same work.

3.     Creative and Infinite Possibilities

The sheer scope and innovation that technology provides makes it an enticing prospect if you find your niche. The possibilities for women in IT are truly infinite as companies are becoming more open to the idea of women having talents and abilities which are perfect for the field. It has taken a cultural and mindset shift to reach this point, but businesses are much more open to female IT specialists and technicians than they once were. The tech sector needs to continue this progress and encourage women to apply to the industry and push forward.

IT is a business area which is never going to disappear. The role of technology in business is becoming more prevalent than any other and qualified and experienced employees in this field will always be sought after. As more women take on senior and technical roles within businesses, the shift towards equality will be further asserted.