The Role of Apprentices in the Recovery of the Hospitality Sector

No one can deny that the Coronavirus pandemic has hit hospitality harder than most other industries. With repeated lockdowns and tier restrictions, the industry has had to open and close, with many bars and restaurants remaining closed for over a year to date.

Careers in hospitality have always been considered amongst the most difficult and challenging, in terms of the hours needed and shift patterns, but it’s still a fantastic industry to work in and offers many transferable skills as well as multiple options for career progression. Apprenticeships remain a popular way of entering the industry as they guarantee a level of training which isn’t usually available if you simply start working in the kitchen or on a bar in the regular way.

There are over 1.5 million people working in hospitality in the UK, with careers spanning everything from highly qualified chefs to event planners and bar managers. The hospitality sector is known for its high turnover of staff so a constant supply of enthusiastic and committed employees is something that is always in demand.

Training the Next Generation

As the industry has been hit so hard, it is understandable that businesses in hospitality may be wary of hiring too many staff and incurring additional wage costs which will quickly become unaffordable. From a financial perspective, apprenticeships have the added bonus of the incentives the government is offering for employers hiring this type of new employee. Businesses can also use apprenticeships to boost the skills of their existing employees.

The last year has meant many apprentices haven’t been able to get going with the practical side of their apprenticeship but this should change as businesses begin to open from April 12th going forward in England. The diversity in the range of people interested in apprenticeships in the hospitality sector also allows employers to find the best talent for their workforce and with financial incentives too, it’s a great way of bringing on board individuals who are committed or at least interested in the industry and want to learn.

Apprentices for Recruitment and Upskilling

Many talented people enter the hospitality industry as a part-time casual opportunity but quickly fall in love with their profession and want to push on and make the most of their experience in the industry. Apprenticeships are a great option for employees you want to help progress within your business and provide the skills they need to gain promotion and develop within the sector. Apprenticeships in leadership such as Team Leader Supervisor: Level 3 are an interesting option for employees who show promise and commitment and are looking to step into a more senior role. It’s a great way of benefitting from the incentives that come with apprenticeships and upskilling your existing workforce, keeping them motivated and interested in their role within your business.

Staff turnover is high in this sector, so employers looking to hang onto their best talent should look for ways to support their career progression and show their commitment to their team, and apprenticeships, which last at least 12 months, have many benefits for the employee and the business, so are worth the planning and organisation to get started.

Hospitality needs You

Making a recovery after such a terrible year is something many hospitality businesses may be dubious about. Rebuilding after such a long time out requires both money and time, so investing in talent should be a key consideration to ensure that you have a team that can grow as the business regrows and develops.

Apprenticeships in hospitality are a great way to boost your team, benefit from the government’s financial incentive and invest in your local community and young people looking for interesting and challenging careers.