Three Soft Skills you need to Thrive in any Workplace

In a world where artificial intelligence and technology are playing an ever more prominent role in work and business, our soft skills are more important than ever. Technical skills come and go, but soft skills are inherently human and something which only a genuine person in a job role can offer.

LinkedIn Learning research has shown the most important and in demand soft skills currently are resilience and digital fluency, with the third most important skill being communication. Here we’re looking at each of these skills and how honing them can be vital to career success.


The importance of resilience cannot be underestimated. Dedicated resilience training could give your staff a better understanding of the term and how to apply it to their working lives. Simply put, it is the ability to find success or happiness after a setback or difficult event. In the workplace this could apply to a wide range of different events from businesses falling into difficulties due to the recent health crisis to personal career goals not being met. Resilience may seem like an in-built skill people are just born with, but it can be taught and developed too. A commitment to improving your reaction to change and a better understanding of how to build on difficult events and turn them into positive opportunities to grow.

Digital Fluency

The ability to use digital tools fluently and without difficulty is one of the most important things you can give to an employee and employing people with excellent digital fluency can only benefit your business. The remote working period of the last twelve-to-eighteen months has shown how important digital literacy and fluency is for emergency and unprecedented scenarios. To reach the highest levels of productivity and success then you have to be au fait with the latest technology and have a solution even in those moments when it decides not to work.


Communication is the only way to effectively work on collaborative projects and get tasks done. Whether in-person, over the phone or using text and video chat apps, being able to effectively get your point across and understand the input of others is essential to succeed in business. Your teams need to be comfortable working together and able to communicate freely and effectively. The right training can ensure employees develop their communication skills to suit different audiences, understanding the different approaches needed in sales and customer service to internal communications and team meetings.

While there are jobs which are becoming obsolete due to automation and technological advancement, we are not at the stage where any artificial intelligence can overtake those naturally in-built skills us humans are born with and can develop throughout our careers.