Virtual Connections: Using Online Training to Bring your Teams together

Most of us are still working remotely and we may not have seen our closest colleagues, let alone those in other departments, for many months. Managing remote teams can be difficult but it’s also important to consider employee development and the wellbeing of employees who may be missing their regular routine and the social side of work.

There are many measures you can implement to help virtual teams feel closer and enjoy some social interaction through their work, but have you considered online training as a method for bridging the virtual gap and also helping to upskill and cross-train your teams. Collaborative e-learning and online training for your teams offers many benefits to each employee and the wider business too.

Build Teamwork in Trying Times

Collaborative training online gives your team a chance to work together and build their skills through group work. It could involve online discussions, problem solving projects or other collaborative tasks where everyone has to work together to achieve a common goal. Employees get to work together, and this allows for more communication, conflict resolution and other valuable skills development for the workplace. Working remotely requires more communication in some instances and more focus when delegating and organising tasks as no one can necessarily see exactly what the others are doing, so a higher level of trust is developed too.

Learn from Each Other’s Skills

Everyone in your workplace has different skills and experiences and training together is an effective way of discovering and sharing skills. Employees can learn from people in different departments and ask questions while sharing their own knowledge, further enhancing the overall talent pool and skillset of your business. Online learning helps employees understand a wider range of communication methods and boundaries within these, learning what is and isn’t appropriate to share in work-wide forums and chat channels for example, and what is more appropriate for private discussion with management.

Appreciate New Perspectives

Collaborative training gives employees a chance to fully appreciate the mindset of others in the company, in a way they may not have previously understood. Seeing a new perspective on an issue may help them deal with aspects of their own role, or they may be able to use their experiences to assist in a different part of the business they may never have realised their work could be relevant to. The more you mix and blend your work teams, the more their skills development can expand and your employees overall experiences will become more rounded and appreciative of the wider business structure.

Cross-Training to Improve Inter-Team Relations

The IT department may always complain about the lack of knowledge in marketing, or vice-versa. If you bring the teams together and have them learn elements of each other’s work they’ll soon have a newfound respect for the tasks carried out by the other team. Cross-training can also help plug gaps due to absence or difficulties due to recruitment issues where you need a short-term solution.

While we don’t know how much longer working remotely will be the norm, we owe it to our teams and our businesses to keep moving forward. While career progression and professional growth may not be at the forefront or our employees’ minds it does still matter and group training and virtual learning in groups will help your teams both build their skills and strengthen their relationships with colleagues and the wider team.

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