What can Traineeships do for the Care Sector?

The care sector in the UK has been put under a level of stress it could never have expected in the last 12 months. Leading care organisations have found themselves pushed to the edge and despite the Prime Minister Boris Johnson declaring he would “fix the crisis in social care” when he came into power, nothing significant has yet been done to support the sector.

In addition to this the additional focus on infection control and strict visiting measures, extra staffing has also become a concern and as this sector is so vast. However, as it is such a varied and expansive sector, there is real scope for many different types of career and progression into interesting and challenging roles. Young people interested in the care sector could consider traineeships as their first step into the industry and to finding a career which is both rewarding and has many opportunities for growth and progression.

Opting for Traineeships

Traineeships are a confidence boost and a chance to give young people the chance to find their ideal career and improve their readiness for work. Traineeships are often offered to people who narrowly miss out on apprenticeship positions and it ensures companies don’t lose out on talented and enthusiastic young people looking to find their place in the world of work. Traineeships are a chance to get to know people better and decide whether there is scope to hire them in future as an employee or an apprentice.

Traineeships are limited to people aged 24 and under with little previous work experience. They usually last less than 6 months and are a chance to trial a new industry and see if it’s the right fit for your skills and motivations. Employers must provide all traineeships with a quality work placement and it will be structured to ensure trainees experience different elements of the job and how it may progress. Not all traineeships end with a job offer but they do often give trainees the opportunity to apply for their apprenticeship programme or where this isn’t possible, a fair professional reference which can be used when applying for other roles or apprenticeships.

Careers in Health and Social Care

There is approximately 350 different job roles in the health and social care sector. Careers are both with the NHS, which is still Europe’s biggest employer and with private companies such as private care homes and social care providers.

Trainees in the health and social care sector may work in a wide range of settings, from hospitals to private care facilities to schools and educational settings. Health and social care takes place in a wide range of different environments. There a is a continued level of demand in the sector, for enthusiastic and willing people who want to train and develop their career in supporting others.

Traineeships in the health and social care sector could be key in helping it recover and meet the demand needed to provide the level of care people in the UK need. Find out more about traineeships today!