What happens at the End of your Apprenticeship?

Coming to the end of an apprenticeship can be a daunting moment, you may have plans for the future, or you may just be considering your next move. The day you began your apprenticeship may seem a long time ago and you may not have had a solid career plan back then, but now, it’s time to think about your next move and look at the options available.

On completing your apprenticeship, there are many options open to you. Your apprenticeship has combined practical experience and gained you a qualification at the same time, so there different ways you can use your new skills.

Considering a Permanent Position

Some businesses hire apprentices with the aim of keeping them on and hiring them as permanent employees once they finish their training. While this isn’t always an option, it could be a pathway you choose if it is open to you. Companies don’t often guarantee permanent roles for apprentices, but you can apply for any job vacancies you see at the firm where you trained and put your newfound skills and experience to the test in the interview and recruitment process.

If there are no permanent positions available but you are set on working with your current company, consider discussing your options with management and highlight what you’ll bring to the business and the benefits of keeping you on the team. It takes a lot of confidence and self-assurance, but if you really have your heart set on remaining with the business, it is worth the effort.

Finding a New Job

Finding a job after an apprenticeship is the most popular course of action and with your newly developed skills it makes great sense. Think practically about the skills you have and how you can apply them to different work environments. You can look job roles similar to the one you were carrying out throughout your apprentice or roles which describe skills you’ve developed in their job description. Remember to tailor your CV appropriately for each job role on an individual basis, showing your interest in their particular role.

Further Education

The education side of your apprenticeship may have sparked an interest in taking your studies further. Going into further education after an apprenticeship is becoming a more popular option as people look to build on their experience with further academic learning. The NVQ you earn during your apprenticeship can be enough to get onto a wide range of different qualifications, you can look at your options for studying to degree level or considering an HND depending on your hopes for your future career.

Many apprentices believe they can continue working at their current company on completing their training but unfortunately this isn’t always the case, and, in many instances, you may be ready for a change and a chance to test your skills in another environment. While you don’t want to be planning your endgame right at the start of your apprenticeship, it does make sense to look around at the opportunities available and consider what your next step may be.