What Should you Look for in a Training Provider?

Finding the right provider for your traineeship or apprenticeship programme is not a decision you should take lightly. Your provider will be responsible for ensuring apprentices who work within your company are selected appropriately and will become an important partner in your business’ growth and the development and success of your apprenticeship programme. Below we’re looking at some key considerations to keep in mind when looking for a training provider.

Happy Customers

A reliable training provider will have existing customers who are happy to talk about just how good they are. A provider who has worked with a good range of other companies and has evidence to show their satisfaction is certainly worth looking at in more depth. Success rates and satisfaction rates are a great way of seeing whether any provider is delivering what they say they will on their website.

Programme success is properly checked by the government and this will include information on learner satisfaction rates and employer satisfaction rates. All this information is published on the Find Apprenticeship Training website and so you can access the information for any provider before making a decision.

Expert Knowledge and Experience

A good training programme provider will have the industry knowledge necessary to place suitable apprentices or trainees within your company. They should be able to provide detailed and tailored advice to help you understand the opportunities available to your company. They should consider the unique business challenges and strategies of your business before making any recommendations.

You should also look for a training provider with industry experience in your business area. They should have a good grasp of how your industry functions and be able to ensure any trainees or apprentices are specifically interested in your industry. Tutors involved in the educational side of any training programme should be appropriately qualified too.

Adaptable and Tech-Ready

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many of the ways businesses operate and it is important to see if your chosen training provider is technologically equipped to cope with differing expectations and can adapt easily. Do they have online learning capacity for example? Do they have the facility to deal with training which suits your business whether that means unsociable hours, remote working or working across multiple sites? You need a training provider which works with you and can adapt to suit your business needs.

Right for You

This is the most personal element of any decision but you have to find a training provider which is the right fit for your business. “Right for you” can be simply finding a provider which is the right social fit for your business. You need to be able to work effectively with your chosen training provider and be comfortable working alongside one another. They should have the same motivation as your business for training and developing employees and ensuring your scheme is a success.

Key Training is proud to support many businesses with their traineeship and apprenticeship programmes, ensuring success and high levels of satisfaction for all parties involved.