The Big Decision: What’s Next after School?

Although there is a little confusion around final grades and the next steps due to the early closure of schools in the UK, those who are finishing year 11 have to decide whether they’re going onto college or considering another path. In England, you can leave school on the last Friday in June as long as you turn 16 by the end of August. However, you have to follow this up with some form of education or training until your 18. The official guidelines state you must do one of the following:

  • Remain in full-time education such as at sixth form at your school or a further education college
  • Find an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Be in part-time education or training as well as working or volunteering for 20 hours a week

Opting for an apprenticeship or a traineeship is something we are well placed to help out with. We know different pathways can be ideal for different types of individual and if you’re looking for a future which doesn’t involve more time in the traditional classroom, once of these paths may work for you. Below we’re looking a little more closely at both types of training scheme.

Choosing a Traineeship

Traineeships are uniquely designed education and training programmes which get you ready for the world of work. They were first introduced in 2013 and are specifically for school leavers aged 16, up to people aged 24. Traineeships are delivered as a partnership between employers and training providers. They usually last between 6 weeks and 6 months and include up to 240 hours of work experience. Trainees often find themselves able to join an apprenticeship scheme or be offered a job interview at the end of their training period, giving them a first step on their chosen career path. Traineeships are designed for young people who have yet to gain a full level 2 qualification (5 GCSEs grade A*-C).

Our traineeships are designed to get you fully ready for the world of work and allow you to brush up on any skill areas you may need a little more help.

Choosing an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships allow individuals to take their skills to the next level and make their first moves in their chosen career area. They are available in a huge range of different industry areas and go from intermediate to advanced to higher level. Higher level apprenticeships can be equivalent to qualifications as high as a master’s degree, dependent on the area of study and experience.

An apprenticeship is a popular option for school leavers as it comes with a basic wage and allows you to learn new skills but also earn a living. Apprenticeships can be your first step into an industry you are passionate about and a chance to embark on a career in an area you’re particularly interested in. Apprenticeships typically last one to four years but can be longer if you take them to the highest level.

Our apprenticeships cover many interesting and popular industry areas. We can help you find your passion for a wide range of career paths including management, customer service and recruitment.

Finishing school can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure about your next steps or what to do if you haven’t quite got the grades you hoped for. Looking into traineeships and apprenticeships gives you the chance to build valuable skills and take steps towards an enjoyable and successful career.

Here at Key Training, we support thousands of young people every year to reach their goals. Through our range of programmes. you could progress onto further education, employment or an apprenticeship. We will support you every step of the way. Find out more