Why are Online Courses so Popular?

Opting for online learning is something more people are happy to consider. The current climate is a key reason it online learning has become so necessary but even before the Coronavirus pandemic, many people opted to learn online and improve their skillset remotely and from behind their chosen computer or device screen. Below we’re looking at why online courses have become so popular and why many learners find distance learning is perfect for them.

The Accessibility Factor

One of the main reasons that online learning is so popular is access. Many adults work full-time and have families to care for, so fitting in additional skills training is not something that can be done with ease. Add in the need to travel to a training location and it can become impossible to attend regular face-to-face training. Online courses can ensure skills development and career-focused training without the need to travel and at flexible times to suit your family circumstances.

The Flexibility Factor

A little like accessibility, many adults need a little more flexibility when it comes to their training and course participation. Working adults may focus their learning time at weekends or occasionally in the evenings. Online courses can be studied at your own pace and even submission of assignments can be when works according to your schedule, and not at a designated date which may be unachievable. Online courses are built around the learner and allows them to complete their learning in a way which suits their schedule.

Growing Demand for Quality Distance and Online Learning

More and more adults are looking to online learning as a way to expand their skillset, progress in their new careers or find a new area to move into. Online education is often more student-centred than traditional training and its particularly popular with learners because:

  • Resources can be re-watched and re-read at your own pace: a traditional training seminar or lecture doesn’t allow you to pause or stop the trainer as they carry out their training lessons.
  • The best teaching and training resources from around the globe can be used anywhere at any time.
  • They are often more affordable for learners: a course may be able to be accessed for a lower price than face-to-face training.
  • Tutor access is private and confidential: learners may not want to discuss an issue in front of the group in a traditional environment but with trainer-led online courses, you can easily contact the tutor privately.

Enrolling on an Online Course

The uncertain nature of current times is leading many people to consider their career options or expand their skillset as, while many of us are stuck at home, it is a prime moment. Professional and personal development courses can lead to new career pathways or promotion opportunities, as well as just enriching your education in general. Key Training offers a regularly updated range of courses which are designed to offer continued professional development, the opportunity to upskill and enrich your personal development. Explore our range today or get in touch directly to discuss bespoke training packages.