Why Professional Project Management Training is a Must

Project management is a skill which many of us possess but how often are we able to prove it? In the working world we may use these skills on a daily basis but if we change company, or want to prove to a new client our skillset, what can we do? Portfolios are a great way of showing off the end result but how to do show your project managing skills in practice. Project management training and certification is one effective way of showing your professional skills and pushing your company ahead of competitors. We’re looking more closely at why professional project management training is a must for your professional development and your business.


Show off the Breadth and Depth of your Knowledge

As a formal qualification, your project management certification is a way of showing off skills which may not be instantly recognisable in your job role. Certification shows you have up to date and recently tested experience of the field, and it is valuable for ensuring you’re current approach to managing projects is in line with standards. Without recent certification, you could be using outdated practices which may be why you’re not winning tenders or sealing the deal on new contracts you expected to get.


Stand Out Above Your Competitors

When you’re looking for a new role or presenting something for your current company, putting you credentials down on paper is often essential. Being able to list a professional project management qualification amongst your experience will stand out against others who may not have the certification to back up their skills. It adds something unique and different to your CV and helps you tick relevant boxes in skills where project management are desired.


Demonstrates your Commitment to your Career

Professionals with certifications are highly thought of because it shows you are passionate and dedicated to your career. Taking the time and energy to take on additional study alongside your work is a clear way of showing commitment. Experience is one thing but if you go the extra mile and commit to additional training too, it shows a real passion for and interest in developing in your career. The right certification and credentials create a good impression before you even have the chance to show off your skills.


Boost your Salary

With additional certification comes the right to ask for more money and the opportunity to apply for jobs which attract higher salaries. With relevant certification, your CV looks much more attractive to prospective employers and within your current role, you may be able to apply for internal positions or suggest a pay rise at your next appraisal.


Increase your Confidence in your Abilities and in General

If you achieve a qualification in project management, it is evidence of your skills and therefore, you can be confident in your abilities. Applying the principles and new theory you have learned in practice can help you do your work more effectively and in turn, boost your confidence at work.


We offer a range of professional project management courses and are here to help answer any questions and book you onto any course to help develop your workplace skills.